I’m Ellenor, a roaming interior & lifestyle blogger. I like to fill this blog with my life and adventures, but originally as a way to stay in touch with friends and family. I live a champagne lifestyle on a very small budget, which I love to share my tips with you guys on how to do it.

Pull up a cuppa and get stuck in!



What camera do you use? 

I mainly use a Canon EOS 750D, which is my new baby and is the perfect camera for blogging! I also use a Canon EOS M; it is so handy as it is compact and good for sneaky shots out and about.

Who takes your pictures?

I take any shots where I am not in them. Where I decide to venture my face into a shot, those are taken with either a tripod, a family member or my loving boyfriend (sorry fiance!) I wish I had a photographer following me all the time, but every now and then the lovely Matt McCormick helps me out.

 You say you work full time, what is it you actually do? 

I work as a Digital Marketing Executive for a homeware & interiors brand. Hense my obsession with room styling and interior magazines.

 Do you actually drink tea and champagne? 

Of course! A. I am high- maintenance and B. I am British!! I love British tea (Earl Grey is NOT British tea!!), green tea with jasmine and G&Tea (really by pun).

I love champagne too, but I do venture into prosecco.

Does your site use cookies? 

Yes, it does. For delicious ones- please see the recipe section of the blog.

Do you have a cat? 

Yes, I do, but due to our flat situation he currently at his Grandma’s house. His name is Hemingway, and yes I know we are such cool parents for calling him that. He is a British Short Hair/ Tuxedo cat.

Do you ever eat at home? 

Yes, I promise!! I am lucky enough to be invited out to lots of events where there is delicious food. But we do cook at home, you will know from my recipe section on the blog. For restaurant tips or reviews, see the lifestyle section.

Do you have advice on starting a blog? 

Not yet, but I’m working on it!

Does Lee exist? 

Whilst he doesn’t always show his face on the blog (its like I am pointing a shotgun at him if I face the camera towards him) I can vouch that my other half is very real. Who else would put up with my constant whining for outfit shots for Instagram?

How do you blog and work full time?

Good question. It’s all about time management and passion. If I didn’t love my blog I wouldn’t be able to do an eight hour day at work and then spend the rest of my evening and weekends working on the laptop. When they have developed a cure for workaholics I will let you know.