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All the nitty, gritty bits…

I always want to be completely transparent with you guys, this is why this section of the blog exists. The rules are constantly changing with disclaiming, and are not always very clear. The way I do it works not only for me but also for my readers. If there’s anything that isn’t clear or you want more clarification, please feel free to contact me.

Sponsored Content/ Collaborations

It’s an honour that my dear little blog has got to that point where brands want to work with me; either by a gifting process or paid editorial. Gifted posts will have a disclaimer at the bottom of the post. Any paid editorials will also have a disclaimer at the bottom of the post and will also be marked with an AD/ *sponsored content before the main blog post starts.

I only work with brands that I truly love or have a genuine interest in. I will never work with a brand which I don’t like or believe to be true to this blog’s ethos. As always, even with sponsored content, all thoughts, opinions, hints or tips are my own.

Also, thank you in advance for any brands who think of me and the blog as a good match for a collaboration. It’s really appreciated.

Sponsored Social Media

Again, it’s amazing to have a platform whereby I can earn some extra pennies on. From time to time, there may be posts on my Instagram feed that are gifted or paid for. With both these types of posts, I will always mark them with the hashtag #ad in the caption and will try to be as clear as possible in the text. No sneakily trying to hide it in the comments, I’m proud of the collaborations I do!

With Twitter or Facebook (which are few and far between), again, I’ll include the hashtag #ad within the post.

Affiliate Links

I do use affiliate links on both the blog and Instagram. These take on the form of product links, widgets and linked images. These have been created by ShopStyle. I do earn a few pennies from you clicking on them, but these links do not cost you, the reader anything. I will only link products that I truly love or am lusting after.

If I’m honest, my main income comes from the paycheck I receive every month from my ‘real job’ (I know- such a bore.) Nothing life-changing. Your just funding my ASOS orders and shoe collection.