December Goals

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The final month of 2019

Can you guys believe that it’s December already? I feel like everyone always says that the year has gone fast but for, this year really has gone fast. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was celebrating my first wedding anniversary and my best friend havingĀ a baby. Now the said baby is seven months old and I’ve celebrated my 28th birthday. December is here and it’s time to set my December goals.

December is pretty much for me about getting things cleaned up and completed before we head into 2019. Though the fresh starts and goal setting month is September in my eyes, January is about long-term goal setting. Things that I want to achieveĀ over 2019. I’ve got so many plans for 2019 and I cannot wait to share with you.

For for the last time in 2018, here are my goals for the month…

December goals

01. Plan a Christmas Dinner with friends. I love this time of year and my favourite thing is getting together with my favourite people and enjoying great food and even better company. So I want to plan a great dinner where we can laugh, swap Secret Santa gifts and just have a great time.

02. Plan a mini getaway. Lee and I are doing a lot of travelling during the festive season, the last of it with us ending up in Northampton to see his mum. Since Northampton and Leeds are quite far apart we thought about making an adventure and stopping off somewhere to break off the travel and spend some time together. So are we’re thinking of Cambridge, it’s a gorgeous city. However, if anyone else can think of somewhere else to stop off at, suggestions are welcomed.

03. Complete secret project. This is a biggie but most of December is going to be taken up with a big project that I’m working on over this month. I don’t want to say anything right now but I promise you it’s really cool and exciting. All will be revealed soon. I promise this is not some sort of clickbait, I just don’t want to ruin the big reveal and this is something I will be working on throughout December.

What are your December goals?

Good luck with your December goals and have a fabulously festive time.