The Perfect Bath Setup

champagne lifestyle beauty bath setup

I’m not a big bath person. As I’m a get-up and get stuff done person, the idea of sitting around in the bath is not my idea of heaven. However,  every once in a while, I have to force myself to relax. Like, really turn my head off and escape from the world. My job involves social media and working on computers, along with blogging in the evening and weekends. As much as I want to keep going and keep working, I have to admit some TLC away for the laptop is good for the soul. This is where my perfect bath setup comes in.

There are a few important things that are required for the perfect bath setup. Each unique to everyone. Here are the things I need for mine…

The perfect bath setup 

champagne lifestyle beauty bath setup

First things first, setting the scene. I love a good candle to set the mood. My absolute go-to candle is anything by Neom. For relaxing and unwinding, their Real Luxury Candle is perfect. It’s their scent to destress and boy, does it do the trick. Full of essential oils such as essential oils including lavender, jasmine & Brazilian rosewood, it really does help you switch off and get rid of all the stress.

Next is your drink of choice. Wine or a Gin & Tonic are some of my favourite choices, but hands down, nothing beats a good cup of tea. Sometimes I just want to keep my head clear. And nothing does that better than a Yorkshire cuppa.

Now this is all sorted, it’s time to get the bath setup. Personally, a bath is not a bath without bubbles. For the best bubbles, your best shout is Lush. I’m not a huge fan of the multi-colour baths, so I tend to stick to the ones that are either clear or turn the water blue. My top picks are Big blue, Milky Bath or Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds. All of these are totally indulgent and help clear my mind.

I carry a lot of tension in my back. So when I have to accept I need to let go of some stress, not only do I go for a bubble bar or bath bomb, but I love also reaching for Mio Liquid Yoga Restorative Bath Soak. It helps to calm your nerves, restore your energy and make yourself feel like new again. These are my absolute favourite products for getting the perfect bath setup.




champagne lifestyle beauty bath setup

champagne lifestyle beauty bath setup

Simple little luxuries

I like to have a little luxury with my bath and that normally involves a mask or two. Either for the face, or hair or both. I’ve been using a few masks recently, but I’m loving a pink clay mask, especially this one. Another one for detoxing is Caudalie Instant Detox Mask. It revives stressed skin, tighten pores and achieves an even glow. There are a few that I’m desperate to try out, the Tata Harper Purifying Mask and Herbivore Brighten Mask. Both on my Christmas and Birthday list.

For hair, I swear by this gorgeous hair mask. If there’s one thing that will help your hair feel like brand new again, it’s this bad boy. One mask that I really do want to try out also is Coco & Eve’s Like A Virgin Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque.

Finally, for the perfect bath setup, you need something to completely switch your mind off. For me, that’s reading. Magazines are my go-to at the moment, but for quiet reflection, I’m really enjoying The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k. I’ve skimmed read it before but now, I’m really diving into it. Its really helping me to let go of things that are really not that important, which really helps to clear my mind. It’s something I’ll one day write a blog post on, once I’m someway to mastering it.

What’s your ideal bath setup?


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