How I Use Coffee Table Books to Style My Home

champagne lifestyle interiors coffee table books

I am a coffee book fiend.

To this moment, I would say I have over 40 coffee table books. And counting, I’ve asked for some more books for my birthday. I don’t think I will ever stop collecting coffee table books.

To me, coffee table books are perfect for escapism and inspiration. I absolutely using them to decorate my home. They instantly uplift and elevate any room they are placed in. Coffee table books are a perfect way to peak into a person’s interests and personality. And here’s how I use them to decorate my home…

It’s time to accessorise

Sure, there’s the straightforward method of placing-the-coffee-table-books-on-top-of-a-coffee-table. Add some personality by playing around with accessories. Candles are my go-to accessory and any by Neom are my go-to choice. Marble coasters are also great, small trinkets, anything that shows your personality. Don’t be afraid to layer, however, be wary of going overboard. 3- 4 objects will help make a coffee table book shine. This coffee table book¬†looks great with my marble trinket box.

Books pictured here: Dream Decor


champagne lifestyle interiors coffee table books

Utilise gaps & spaces

Whilst I hate cramming coffee table books onto a bookshelf, on open shelving like this, you can create height and a feature. Stacking books of different colours and sizes and then layering objects helps the eye dance around the room, as I talk about in my how to decorate a shelfie post. I particularly love how these books look with the faux plant and some delicate objects such as the cat figure and the old bottle of perfume. Have a go at styling a shelfie and see how you get on.

Books pictured here: Vogue on Coco Channel, The New Garconne, Vogue on Giorgio Armani, Remodelista, Eat Beautiful and Facepaint

Create a colour palette

I would never advocate buying a book just for its cover, however, more and more authors are investing in them. And it’s paying it off. So many of my coffee table books look amazing and go well together in a cohesive look. Having some form of tonal similarity matching something else in your room brings a touch of luxe. As you can see below, the coffee table books put together do match up to the colours of my cushions on my sofa. Working in harmony without taking away from the overall decor of the room.

Books pictured here: Cupcakes and Cashmere at Home, Mad About the House, Pretty City London and Living in Style

champagne lifestyle interiors coffee table books

How do you use your coffee table books to decorate your home?


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