Holiday Gift Guide: Home & Entertaining

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For new homeowners & interior lovers

This is my kind of gift guide! As you know, I love all things homeware and interiors. I think this area is seriously overlooked when it comes to gift giving. When you’re a new homeowner, especially a first-time buyer, receiving some fabulous new things for your home is an absolute blessing in disguise. I mean, if someone gifted me a KitchenAid Mixer, I’d be jumping for joy.

Something small and simple to gift is a coffee table book. You all know my love for a coffee table book, they are great for inspiration and are amazing to decorate your home with. I recently got the Eat, Drink, Nap Soho House book and I love it! A must recommendation from me for anyone who is as addicted to coffee table books as I am.

Candles are also the perfect gift for a home lover. And you all know that I’m obsessed with Neom candles. Their new Christmas scents, Perfect Peace and Precious Moment smell amazing! I can’t choose between the two of them!

Technology is also a great home gift and right now, there are some great deals to have. Take the Amazon Alexa. They are currently in the sale at almost 50% off, so get yours now while they are available.

If all else fails, a great spirit is a perfect gift this Christmas time.  I love Opihr gin, it’s spicy and warming and perfect for a cosy winter evening. Masons Dry Yorkshire gin is equally fabulous.

Have a browse at the below for inspiration, there’s more than a few ideas… for your loved ones or maybe even your own wishlist. I’ve got you covered, don’t you worry!