Holiday Gift Guide: For Him


champagne lifestyle holiday gift guide for him
For the boys!

Shopping for men is difficult, but it really doesn’t have to be. My husband is a simple guy and very rarely treats himself. So for me, Christmas is all about getting him the bits that he really wants but would never treat himself to them. And without generalising, I think we can make the same statement for at least one guy in our life.

Treating can come in many forms. Lee always asks for some form of clothing at Christmas, as he trusts that I’ll get him something that will push him slightly out of his comfort zone, but he’ll still like. Something like this gorgeous mustard jumper, a bit bright for him (his wardrobe colours are grey, navy and maroon) but he looks fabulous in.

Another bit of luxury we can gift our guys by getting them something that truly belongs to them. I’ll admit when I buy things for the house ‘for both of us’ the split is usually 70/30 in my favour. Gifting something monogrammed like these gorgeous Christy Bathrobes means there’s no way I can steal this off him!

Spirits or beer is another great gift idea. Again, something that they would normally never treat themselves to. A premium spirit such as Haig Club andĀ Slingsby Gin areĀ both delicious and special. I would be delighted to find these under the tree this Christmas.

Other stocking fillers can be small but mighty in the impact. I love these Cereal travel guides, they are great pocket boots packed full of information. I also think you cannot go wrong with music.

I hope you find some inspiration from my edit of the best buys for boys. I have already purchased a few things for my husband below. quite a few items from the below!