My Weekday Podcast Listening List

champagne lifestyle weekday podcast listening list

Podcasts have become part of my weekly commute. I listen to one at least every morning on the way to work and possibly finish one off or start a different one on the way home. Mainly because there are only two radio channels I like and both play the same songs over and over again. Sure, I like a bit of a boogie in the car, but variety is the spice of life! Also, depending on the podcast, it justs me in the right state of mind ready to kick ass at work.

I listen to a variety of podcasts, from topic to the damn right hilarious. There’s so many that I love listening to, and depending on the day, depends on which one I listen to. So, here’s my weekly podcast listening list…

Monday: My Dad Wrote a Porno

Listen, it’s Monday. You’re probably dreading that morning commute. Start off your day right but having a laugh, which you’re guaranteed with MDWAP. We’re on book four and Rocky Flintstone has outdone himself with the writing. It’s absolutely hilarious and a sure fire way to put in the best mood once you arrive at your desk. Be prepared to almost crash your car in shock and possibly stop (this I’ve actually had to do because I was laughing too hard). However, I come into work every Monday with a big smile on my face ready to kick butt.

Tuesday: Nobody Panic & Let’s Discuss

Nobody Panic is the perfect podcast for anyone in their twenties trying to navigate through life. It’s honest, useful advice which is hard to find. It’s also real advice because Stevie and Tess are going/ have been going through it. Something new discussed every week.

Let’s Discuss is great to listen to on the way to work. Created by Monica and Ella, this is another fabulous podcast to listen to if you need a little help and encouragement if you’re trying to navigate your twenties. There’s also an emphasis on wellness and self-care which I’m lacking in my life. 100% worth a listen.

Wednesday: Getting Curious & Let’s Discuss

Who doesn’t love JVN?! He is our darling of TV and he’s my babe of podcasts. Johnathan is asking and getting answers to the questions we’ve always wanted to ask. And some we’ve never thought of and are absolutely fascinating. From interviewing a doctor in regards to virtual reality helping with memory loss, to interviewing my absolute favourite person Reese Witherspoon. Of course, the other members of the fab-five do make an appearance on the show, which is an added bonus.

Thursday: Serial & MDWAP The Footnotes

Serial is the podcast you need to listen to on the way home. It’s back with their newest series, all about the American Justice System. They filmed for a year in the same courthouse and cover an array of topics to do with the law in. There have only been three episodes so far and I’m hooked. This one will certainly be a conversation starter if there’s a few of you hooked on this podcast.

My Dad Wrote a Porno makes a second appearance with The Footnotes. A follow up to the latest episode, it covers either a subject that was mentioned (Helga’s FBI files anyone?) or general laughter with a celebrity- who knew Elijah Wood was a fan?! It’s the perfect podcast to listen to for light-heartiness travels on your way home towards the end of the week.

Friday: Table Manners

I’ve recently discovered Table Manners with Jessie Ware and her mum, Lenny. They interview a different guess every week over food and drinks. I love the mother-daughter relationship and how welcoming they are to the guests. They had everyone from Michelle Keegan to Mayor Sadiq Khan. A great podcast to listen to while you cruising through traffic on your way home.

Which podcasts do you like listening to?

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