Things I’m Looking Forward to this Autumn

champagne lifestyle things I'm looking forward to in Autumn

Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year. It’s just full of cosiness, joy and just all those Autumnal colours! I love the clothes, the textures and the food! Who doesn’t love a dinner that creates a warm food baby in your stomach?! There are so many things that I also love celebrating this time of year (Halloween, my birthday and then Christmas). Yup, I’m definitely a Fall/ Winter baby at heart. These are some of the things that I’m looking forward to this Autumn…

Decorating my home with Autumnal decor

I think that I live in the wrong country when Autumn rolls around. I love the way American’s decorate their home for ‘Faalllll!’ They go all out as we do at Christmas. Only, in Autumn, you’ve actually got daylight time to appreciate the colours and the decor! I’m definitely¬†going to the pumpkin patch this October to go and pick some pumpkins (see my Pinterest board for all my inspiration). I also recently took part in an Autumn wreath-making class, which now sits pride of place at my back door. I just cannot wait to completely transform my front door.

Transforming my wardrobe

I live for layering! This time of year is perfect for me. My love for a colour palette of creams, navy and camel come out to play this time of year. I also love silks, wool and cashmere as fabrics. All of which come to play come mid-September. I’ve already taken my coats out of storage and packed away my summer clothes. My trusty trench coat hasn’t come off my back since I pulled it out of the suitcase it was packed away in. I can’t wait to start doing more style posts with some of my favourite pieces.

Autumnal hues

I love doing blog content this time of year. The colours are so vivid and the light is fantastic for blog photos. Seriously, this is my favourite time of year for creating content. I always feel much more inspired and driven for creating content. Part of this I think is also because come Winter, I’m going to be fighting the light for pictures, especially since I can only do content on the weekends. Give me this chill time any time of the year.


champagne lifestyle things I'm looking forward to in Autumn

Pumpkin Spiced Lattes

Need I say any more. Pumpkin spice EVERYTHING in my life!

Autumn TV shows

I always think that this time of year has the best TV shows. Currently, Lee and I are binging on GBBO, Killing Eve (we’re almost at the end) and The Great British Menu. Soon, we’ll be starting Bodyguard (don’t spoil anything for us!) and The Apprentice, along with other shows that will soon be on my screen. And because this time of year is prone to rainy weather, I love nothing more than chilling on the weekends with either a classic film or a Netflix session.

Comfort food

I don’t necessarily mean junk food (but I wouldn’t turn it down either). But rather those warming comfort meals that I don’t touch in Summer. Especially during this heat wave. Who would want to eat a curry when it’s already 30 degrees outside? But now that the weather is freezing, bring on all the warm foods! My favourite Winter meal is pie. It’s the perfect hug on a plate meal. I’m also a Sunday roast girl (I am English after all), and I’m welcoming them back with open arms. Goodbye salads, I’ll see you next year!

What are you looking forward to this Autumn?

I’d love to hear what you’re excited for this next few months. Check out my other lifestyle posts here on the blog.