My Capsule Nail Polish Collection

champagne lifestyle nail polish capsule collection

In an effort to dress like the French (and hopefully be French one day) I keep my nail polish quite minimal. This has, however, not always been the case. In my teenage and uni years, I had a vast collection of colours. And I mean all the colours. And the glitter. It was my thing to do when we were getting ready for a night out to be painting my nails, ready to party. Since I moved from my mid-twenties into my late-twenties, I’ve decided that a small capsule nail polish collection is the way to go.

This has most likely come from the fact that I’ve been slowly but surely working my wardrobe down to a capsule collection (more on that to come). And from there, I’ve looked at my shoe collection, handbag collection and now beauty. I’m wearing a lot less makeup and go for a much simpler look these days. And with this, I’ve looked towards my nail polish collection.

I now only go for one brand of nail polish- Essie. After all, if it’s good enough for the queen, it’s good enough for me. My entire nail polish collection is made up of Essie products, from under and top coat, as well as colours. I now stick to three different colours, abietin different shades. Whilst I do have a few more than just the four you see in the photo (they were not photo-worthy) these are the ones that I cannot live without in collection…


champagne lifestyle nail polish capsule collection

The all-year-round colours

I have to have a nude and red in my nail polish collection at all times. Nudes are a great, easy, everyday colour. When you want your nails to look presentable but without too much effort with upkeep. Not Just a Pretty Face is my go-to nude, but I’m also partial to Ballet Slippers is also a personal fave. For something a little darker but just as pretty, Eternal Optimist is a gorgeous deep nude. This is more of a date night nude for me.

Red is a must have for everyone and their capsule nail polish collection. You can save it for special occasions, but I also like wearing red during the week. It’s adds something extra to your outfit. More polished and put together. Clambake is my favourite red, but sadly is no longer being made (or at least, I cannot find it anywhere!) However, Fifth Avenue is a good runner-up. With my skin tone, I favour a more brilliant red or an orangey red than pinky-red. The key with wearing red is to ensure you get one that matches your skin tone. So the pale peeps like me, you might also like Aperitif also.


champagne lifestyle nail polish capsule collection

The seasonal colours for your capsule nail polish collection

For summer/ a holiday, you cannot go wrong with a coral colour. It just makes your tan pop and you feel instantly summery. I absolutely love Tart Deco, it’s that perfect orange-coral colour. A must buy for next year.

As we’re moving into the colder, Autumnal months, I love a darker nail colour. Currently, I’m loving wearing Angora Cardi, which is a deep dark pink (much darker than it looks in the bottle right now). It’s the perfect colour that goes with my knitwear collection perfectly. For when I’m feeling fancy or going out for a posh dinner this winter-time, I love Wicked, which is not black as it is looking in the photo. On the nail, it’s a gorgeous burgundy red. It makes me feel super glamorous and grown-up.

My capsule nail polish collection

So as you can see, even with my extra special colours, I barely move from the reds and the nudes. Rather, I just differ in shades. Currently, I’ve just gone through a two-year collection and throwing out the ones that I no longer need (and should no longer use). I’m planning to build it up again but build up on my capsule collection with the colours that I love. What nail polish colours are part of your capsule nail polish collection?

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