I Brought More Coffee Table Books…

champagne lifestyle coffee table books

I think I have a serious problem with collecting coffee table books. I love them. In all different colours, sizes and topics. Nothing brings me the same joy as when I create a focal point on my coffee table of some of my favourite books stacked up for the world to see. I love them that much that I know one day I will write one of my own (if I send it out into the universe it will happen one day…)

Should you head on over to this section of my blog, you’ll be all too familiar with my growing collection of coffee table books. I will one day do a round-up of the ones I think are worth investing in if this is something you guys would want to read? The reason why it hasn’t happened yet is that it keeps on growing the collection and depending on what I’m into that month, the top contenders change. I’m already planning my next purchase for next month (and then I need to stop, otherwise no one is going to have any ideas of what to get me for my birthday or Christmas).

Right now, I’m back loving my interiors books. I love a good nosey around peoples homes (who else is a Right Move addict? No? Just me then?) It gives me the creative push to test the decorating boundaries in my own home. Here are my three recent coffee table books that I’ve just purchased…


champagne lifestyle coffee table bookschampagne lifestyle coffee table books

Pretty City London

Not exactly an interiors books, but if there’s anything that sparks up my creativity it’s this book. I’ve wanted this for such a long time and I’m so happy that I’ve now invested in it. It’s the perfect guide for getting the best shots while you’re out and about in London. However, If you’re not local like I am, it gives you great inspiration to get equally fabulous shots in your home city. Which types of buildings to look out for. What times of the year work best for which shots. I can’t wait it see how these do on my Instagram feed.

The Scandinavian Home

Probably the book that sums up my interior style right now (though I think it’s moving towards a cool Californian vibe if I do say so myself). This book is perfect for inspiring you to get that light, airy feel in your home. All the Scandi-vibes you could possibly want. If you’re looking at a beginners guide on how to achieve this in your home, this is the book to start with.


This book I didn’t have much guidance on what it was about (other than interiors). However, I’m so glad I invested in it. It’s a great beginners guide to interior design. It goes into great detail about styling and placing furniture in a home, how room flow and what you need for each space in your home. I love also how the author mixes vintage pieces with natural elements. There’s so much inspirational content, you won’t be disappointed.