August Goals

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I can’t believe I’m about to type out my August goals. How is it almost bloody Autumn/ the end of the year already? My birthday month is four months away! I feel this is a sign of getting old, how fast the year seems to be moving. So with this in mind, I feel like I need to get my ass into gear and get on with completing these August goals…

August goals

01. Get a little bit more organised. I feel any of my friends reading this are going to choke on their tea reading this- seeing as I’m their most organised friend they know. But lately I’ve been feeling out of sorts and my weekly routine has fallen to the sideline. I think it’s due to three consecutive weeks of non-stop (abroad wedding, visiting my family and nephew’s birthday party). So now is time to get life back on track and get me back into my usual routine. I’m welcoming this with open arms.

02. More room makeover planning. I’ve changed my mind on this so many times but I’m committing to some more room makeovers. Recently, Lee and I decided that we were going to get legit and start saving up to buy a house (cue the ‘you’re finally adults’ trumpets) so we thought there’s no point wasting money on doing up a house. However, after realising how long it will take us to save and condensing down my ideas (i.e. no need to convince the landlord to get new flooring that we’ll pay for- there’s rugs for that), I decided that I want to do a few things in certain rooms. Look out for those blog posts coming soon!

03. Work on some blog goals. You may remember that a week or two ago, I wrote about setting myself some blog goals. Well, now is the month that I want to work on them. Or at least one of them. You’ll most likely see this change happening very soon on the blog once I put it into action. I hope you like it!

What do you think to my August goals? 

Wish me luck! I’m about to kick the shit out of August. Check out my other lifestyle posts here on the blog.