How to Push Yourself with Blogging When You’re Feeling Demotivated

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I’m back with my regular blogging! And let’s hope it’s here to stay. I’ve honestly missed blogging regularly. It’s been a combination of a very busy life, not feeling well and a lack of motivation when it comes to blog posts. However, this somewhat of a hiatus from blogging has allowed me to hit the reset and I feel like I’m back with a bang. I’m sure I’m not the only person to get stuck in a rut and feel de-motivated from blogging. So here are some tips on how to get yourself motivated with blogging…

How to get yourself motivated with blogging

Do a mini-assessment of your work so far. Most likely your lack of motivation to blog comes from a distraction from the work you’re doing right now. I know for myself, this was very true for me (I’m a true perfectionist). When this happens, sit back and assess what’s going on and exactly what you’re not happy with. Is it your blog layout? Is it the topics you’re writing about? Photography? Once you’ve hit the nail on the head, you can then formulate a plan to tackle this and turn it into a positive. Once you’re corrected this, I’m positive you’ll feel ten times better.

Feed your brain with inspiration. Wherever you get your inspiration from, gorge yourself on it. For me, this is a glossy magazine or a coffee table book. I also find having a scroll on Instagram or Pinterest gets the creative juices flowing. I always find that spending an hour immersed in inspiration and the ideas will start flowing.

Getting my blogging mojo back

Tackle one of those annoying tasks. Sounds overwhelming, but I find once I’ve physically cleared something off my mental to-do list, my mind feels so clearer and I’m ready to focus on what I want to be doing. This can be getting to inbox-zero or backing up your photos. And, the worse or the worse, getting up to date with the blog invoices and expenses. Once small tick off your to-do list is a huge step to freeing your mind to get inspired to write some lovely posts.

Don’t be hard on yourself. The most important how-to of them all. The more you kick yourself that you’re in a blogging-funk and not doing well, the more you’ll fall behind. When something seems like a chore and it isn’t you won’t produce your best work. If this is not your full-time job, then there’s no need to kick yourself. I’m incredibly lucky that you readers totally get it why I might miss a post or two in a week. You have no idea how much of a huge weight off my shoulders that is. So when I’m back to feeling ready to kick the blog’s butt, I’m raring to go.

How do you get yourself motivated with blogging? 

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