How to Get the Best Night’s Sleep

champagne lifestyle interiors leesa mattress review

Ah, sleep. It’s been a tricky thing to have in this glorious hot weather we’ve been having. Short of sleeping on my bathroom floor, I’ve been doing everything I can to get a perfect night kip. Truth be told, I’ve not been having the best sleep since moving to our new place. Somehow, our mattress got really lumpy from one home to another- and it just feels terrible to sleep on.

So when Leesa contacted me offering me the chance to try one of their gorgeous mattresses, I jumped at the chance. Finally, the mattress of my dreams! I’ve always been intrigued by the mattress in a box idea so I was excited to see magic happen for myself…

Hello, Leesa mattress!

Sorry to start this review on a negative note, but the delivery of the Leesa mattress was a little complicated. UPS are not my favourite couriers and as you can’t track the mattress or get a timeslot for when your mattress will be delivered. UPS’ Customer Service is not that great either. Thank god for Leesa though! One email to them and my Leesa mattress arrived on Saturday morning. Honestly, I could not thank them enough for getting this sorted for me.

I was so surprised at the size of the box. I honestly thought it would be bigger, considering it was a double mattress. My husband lugged it upstairs to the bedroom and we started unboxing it. The Leesa mattress comes with instructions and we had it unpacked within twenty minutes. You’re not supposed to touch the mattress for an hour to allow it to properly rise. Not going to lie, we may have tried it after half an hour. How can you resist it? It just looked so appealing!


champagne lifestyle interiors leesa mattress review

Sweet, sweet comfort

I’ve never tried a foam mattress. But after a week’s worth of sleep on our new Leesa mattress, I’ll never go back. The mattress has the same formula for all the sizes, and it’s clear that it’s working. One thing I was worried about was it not suiting either me or my husband. I like quite a firm mattress, whereas Lee likes a soft mattress. Thankfully, our Leesa mattress is the best of both worlds. It’s firm enough to support my back and soft enough for Lee. Perfection! One thing Lee has commented on is that he can’t feel me moving as much as he used to on the old mattress (I’m a bit of a fidgeter). There’s another winner with this bad boy- it has a cooling layer! The top layer has airflow, for a cooler night’s sleep. Perfect during this heatwave we’re having.

All this comfort comes guilt free. I love a company that gives back and Leesa is doing just that. For every ten mattresses purchased, Leesa will donate one to charity. So not only are you treating yourself to an amazing night sleep, you’re also doing your bit to help someone else in need. What could be better than that?


champagne lifestyle interiors leesa mattress review

How to get the best night’s sleep

Of course, I couldn’t do a how-to post without providing a few hints and tips. There’s nothing better than having an amazing night sleep. So other than investing in a top quality mattress, here are few things you can also do…

Invest in your bedding. I believe that you have an amazing night sleep regardless of how expensive or cheap your bed frame is. However, you cannot nod off to dreamland with horrible bedding. You spend a lot of time in your bed, so don’t scrimp on your bedding. Whether you like linen or cotton, but a few pennies towards some lovely bedding. You won’t regret it.

Remove technology. A huge biggie. And whilst I haven’t removed all technology from the room (my phone is also my alarm), this is the only tech that lives in my bedroom. No TV, laptops or tablets. I’ve also got a rule about not checking my phone once I turn off my bedside light. Once the lights are out- that’s it. I’ve noticed a huge difference in how I wake up and feel the morning after since I’ve put this rule in place.

Fragrance your bedroom. I’m a huge believer in pillow sprays and candles in the bedroom (there are currently five in mine right now). Setting the scent for your room is the perfect start to your evening. I love the smell of lavender and it’s such a big help towards having a good nights sleep.

Have an evening skincare routine. An interesting tip but hear me out. Having an evening skincare routine not only looks after your skin, but it mentally sets you up to start unwinding down. As soon as I start taking my makeup off and cleansing my skin, I feel my whole body starting to relax and mind switching off. Give it a god for a week and see how you feel at the end of it. Quite possibly a lot more relaxed with beautifully glowing skin.


champagne lifestyle interiors leesa mattress reviewchampagne lifestyle interiors leesa mattress review

Why not try a Leesa mattress for yourself?

I honestly love my bed so much now that I have a Leesa mattress. It’s definitely a grown-up purchase, but one that was 100% worth it. But don’t just take my word for it, why not try one for yourself. Leesa mattress offer you a 100-night risk-free trial. So if you’re not 100% happy with your new Leesa mattress (though I’m sure you’re going to love it) you have a money back guarantee. And, I have a cheeky little discount code for you. Use the code CHAMPAGNELIFESTYLE for £100.00 off any mattress. What’s not to love about that?

Though this mattress was given to me to review, I can honestly say now knowing how much better I’m sleeping I would invest in a Leesa mattress. In fact, the dream plan is to have one in every bedroom of our home. Guest are going to love us when they come over to stay! I’m also interested in investing in their new sheet set & duvet cover. If the set is as good as their mattress, I’m down for it.

Be sure to get your own mattress using my code (I would hate for you to miss out on a bargain!)


This post was created in collaboration with Leesa. All thoughts and opinions are my own.