The Start of Our Garden Makeover

champagne lifestyle garden makeover inspiration

How glorious is this weather we’re having currently? The last Bank Holiday we had was very nice and generous to us with this glorious sunshine and with that, I’ve been working on a mini garden makeover!

Whilst we are almost finished with the living room makeover (we’ve hit a slight snag but it will be completed soon I promise!), I have wanted to somewhat style the garden up with a few new plants and decor. Truth be told, whilst we do have a ‘garden’ it’s not a real garden. As we are in the middle of some terrace houses, our garden is actually a courtyard which anyone could walk through.

This has not deterred me from the garden makeover, in fact, it’s inspired me to try and make most of the space. I also have a small front garden space. It’s paved at the moment so the plan is to fill it with a whole tone of potted plants. Perhaps in the future, we might ask the landlord if she’s up for drilling it up. That would mean we could do the ultimate garden makeover with loads of plants, trees and bushes.


champagne lifestyle garden makeover inspiration

The ultimate garden makeover

So the fact that we have a much larger space to work with than our small balcony, what exactly do I have planned for our mini garden? For the beginning, we’ve invested in four plants. My last lavender and Hydrangea got waterlogged on the balcony, but now they can actually drain properly, I’m hoping they will thrive. I’ve also invested in this gorgeous rosemary bush. The smell¬†that comes from it when you open the front door is amazing! Finally, I got my¬†hanging Wisteria! I’ve been searching for so long for this plant. I’m so happy I’ve found one in my local B&Q. As you can see with all my plants, it’s not quite bloomed yet. But just you wait. My #wisteriahysteria will be happening soon!

So what have I got planned plant wise for the rest of the garden makeover? As I’ve mentioned, I’m limited to plants that thrive in pots. So I’m aiming for a few bushes and large tall plants. I’m feeling a very English garden vibe meets French courtyard. I’m thinking of buying a few foxgloves- sticking to the pinks, greens and peachy colours. All of them will be going in these aged terracotta pots, the easiest DIY to do! Seriously, if there’s any DIY I would recommend giving a go- try this DIY out. So quick and easy, you’ll get it done in a weekend.

Let’s go green fingers!

So that’s it for the makeover. I’ve not really done a mood board of my ideas. However, I do have a lovely Pinterest board full of ideas. I will do a reveal when it’s all done with a proper before and after. This makeover I think is going to be a bit of a long process, but I will keep you updated here on the blog and also on the gram. If there are any flowers you think I would love in the garden, do let me know. I’m fully open to all ideas!