My Glow Essentials

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Hello, heatwave! And hello to my summer makeup routine! Around this time of the year, I like to change up my makeup. No longer does my foundation have to be super heavy. I can let my skin breath!

This year, I changed up my makeup a lot sooner than I expected. And the routine that I have now I’m very much happy with. I’ve ditched the eyeliner and have stopped wearing so much foundation. I’m fully embracing a natural, you but better look on my face. Which I’ve documented all over Instagram, I’m loving my glowy makeup that much I’m embracing the selfie more!

I’ve also discovered some products that I’m desperate to share with you, as I know you’re going to love them as much as I do…

My new summer makeup buys

So as well as stripping back, I’ve invested a little more into my skincare routine. I’ve talked a bit about it in this latest blog post, but the main thing I’ve increased on is the amount of oil that I’m using in my daily routines. I’ve been slacking with my skincare recently and I always notice a difference when I load up on facial oils. My absolute favourite right now is the Neom Perfect Night’s Sleep face oil. Once I’ve prepped my skin, it’s time for the makeup. I’ve started using primer on my skin and I’m loving Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer. It keeps your¬†makeup waterproofed all day, perfect for these summer days. For a base, I like using L’Oreal Paris Bonjour Nudista Skin Tint, which I mix with a little foundation (just a tiny drop). It gives my skin the perfect base glow which I love.


champagne lifestyle summer makeup beauty

Get the glow

As I don’t like wearing bronzer, I have to rely on my blusher and highlighter to complete the look. My two go-to’s right now are these two bad boys. For blusher, I love L’Oreal Paris Glow awakening blusher. It’s the perfect peach colour to give my cheeks. For highlighter, I’ve fallen back in love with my Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Highlighter in Champagne¬†Pop. I don’t really tan so this helps with giving my skin that sun-kissed look on my face. Self-tanning though is something I’m looking into and will report back on shortly. I’m loving this gorgeous glowy look at the moment and these products are perfect for giving me the barely-there sun-kissed look.

Oh, I do love an ultra glowy makeup look. Have you tried any of these? Check out my other beauty posts here on the blog.