June Goals

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How are we halfway through 2018 already? It seems that time I was wishing away the cold weather, I also wished away the first half of the year. I even saw one of those memes on Facebook that said it was 30 weeks until Christmas. And although I did an external eye roll at it, internally I was like ‘Oh man! I’ve got so much to do before the year is up!’ Luckily, June is my quiet month. There are no birthdays to celebrate during this time and for the fifth consecutive year in a row, I’ve got no major events to go to. It’s my hermit month, and this year I’m relishing in this fact. So with literally nothing at all booked on the weekends until the end of the month, I’ve got plenty of time to crack on with my June goals…

June goals

01. Complete the living room makeover. So this is actually a rolling goal from last month’s monthly goals. We are so close to finishing off the room. It would have been done last month, had it not been for an annoying puncture in one of my car’s tyre that cost me my makeover budget for May. So not fair. I’m hoping we should be completed by the end of the month. It sucks because I so badly want to show you the progress. But trust me, I think you’re going to love it when I do the reveal.

02. Post every day. A biggie for me. As you would have seen from last month’s lack of content, blogging has dropped off the face of the earth. It’s down to a few things; lack of imagination, concentration, inspiration and general business in day-to-day life. I kick myself about it, but then remind myself that this isn’t my full-time job. I can take a break if I need it. And thanks to the free weekends I’ve got coming up, I’ve really got no excuses. So be prepared to have a content overload for June, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

03. Yoga challenge. So I’ve started taking yoga up again. It’s something I missed from my early twenties. It was the one exercise that centred me, help me feel calm and relaxed. Whilst also working my muscles to the core. They are so tight at the moment. I’m having a go at this 30-day yoga challenge on YouTube so we will see how I go with it. Wish me luck!

What are your June goals?

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