Gaining More Me-Time with Gourmade

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Hands up who needs more me-time in their lives? As someone who works full time and blogs, I could certainly do with more time in my life. Everyone loves a cheat too. Any shortcuts we can take to gain a few more precious hours. I’m certainly guilty of that. However, one cheat I don’t like is ready meals. I’m actually quite scared of them. You don’t know what’s in them and I’m convinced they are filled with nasties so that they freeze properly. So when I was challenged to live more and cook less by Gourmade, I was a little sceptical. Turns out, there was no need to be…


champagne lifestyle gourmade foods

Live more, cook less

So what’s Gourmade all about? These Gourmade are ready meals designed for the 21st Century. The entire range is hand finished using quality ingredients. All the meals are frozen within an hour of being made. There are no artificial nasties. Just guilt-free, wholesome food with no faff. Who doesn’t love that?

Gourmade were so lovely and sent me two meals to try out. I received them in an insulated box, which was perfect as I received them at work and they were still nice and cold by the time I got them into my freezer. We had two lots of sides, main meals and gorgeous desserts. The boxes show you what the product looks like once cooked and the usual handy information. Most of the meals are ready within an hour of putting them into the oven. There’s no need to transfer them into an ovenproof dish. Simply take the film off, place them in your oven.

Yummy food from Gourmade

My absolute favourite meal from them? Their mac, cheese & bacon is to die for! It’s the ultimate comfort food! And because we were having the ultimate night in- we decided to carb up and have the potato dauphinoise, which is my absolute favourite. The feast was finished off with their raspberry cheesecake- which I would order every single time.  Honestly worth every penny buying them.


champagne lifestyle gourmade foodschampagne lifestyle gourmade foodschampagne lifestyle gourmade foods

More me-time

So did I actually save that much time with Gourmade? Turns out, I did. Lee and I love fresh, healthy food and what this comes a lot of prep and keeping an eye on the hob. As everything was in the oven for about an hour, I was able to prep lunches & breakfast for the next day, put a load of washing on, and plan out some blog content. Now, you don’t save hours every day, but slowly but surely you clock in the hours. And an hour save every night is a godsend. It’s an hour to work on a blog post, read a glossy or do a little online shopping. An hour to yourself doing something you love means a lot to us busy working peeps. Afterall, how else are we going to conquer the world?

I would highly recommend investing in a few meals from these guys. Even if you have them for two or three nights a week, it’ll free up your evenings, allowing you some more me-time. Now, who wouldn’t want that?


*This post was created in collaboration with Gourmade. All views & opinions are my own.