May Goals

I swear this year is zooming by! We’re almost halfway through 2018 and I there is so much I need to get done! And finally, that nice lovely warm weather is starting to creep over the UK and I am ready for cocktails in the sunshine. However, there are a few things to plan first before getting out the G&Ts. Let’s break down what needs to be done in the next four weeks with my May goals…

Hello May, you gorgeous thing!

01. Finish decorating the living room. We’ve already started making over the fireplace (blog posts coming soon I promise!) However, there are still a few things to get done. Mainly is painting, we’ve got the ceiling, the woodwork and the walls to do. I also want to get new furniture, curtains and pretty things to decorate the space with. I’ll be happy once the painting is done as we need to build up our funds before we can start going furniture shopping. If you’ve got any brands I should check out for furniture- let me know! There’s no harm in laptop shopping right?

02. Go on a weekend getaway. Now that I’ve got my car (oh Margot you gorgeous thing!) the freedom Lee and I have to just go off and travel is so exciting. We can now plan weekends away without worrying about train prices. Yes, I do know I still have to get petrol but that is so cheap compared to train tickets. I really want to go on a spa weekend away in the countryside. Just somewhere where we can just escape away from everyday life. Again, if you have any recommendations, drop me a line. We’re thinking within the Dales but anywhere that is countryside gorgeousness is right up my street.

03. Start on photo albums. Something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I have so many photos on my laptop of some amazing journeys and travels I’ve been on and I’m so worried about losing them. Ideally, I want A4 books filled with glossy photos of our travels. I just have this idea of them sat on my shelves in my new living room. Better get buying some supplies!

What are your May goals? 

I’d love to hear what you’ve got planned for this month. Check out my other lifestyle posts here on the blog.