DIY Aged Terracotta Plant Pots

champagne lifestyle diy aged terracotta pots

This is probably the quickest DIY you’ll ever do. It’s so easy and the finished product looks amazing! This was also a last minute idea doing the DIY aged terracotta pots.

You see, I was bored this Bank Holiday Monday. And with a husband working and not much else to do, I decided to go to my local DIY store to pick some things up that we needed for the living room makeover. And inspired by the glorious weather we are having, I decided to work on our garden. When I say garden, it is a shared back access to the other terrace houses on my street. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t work my magic and create something gorgeous.

I have some ideas of what I want to do (as you can see on my latest Pinterest board.) It’s very English garden meets French villa. And something I really wanted was aged terracotta pots. A little less garish than usual terracotta pots, I can’t believe that I’ve seen some homeware stores charging £20+ for these! I managed to do three of them for under £20.00. Honestly, once you do one, you’ll be decorating your entire garden with them!


champagne lifestyle diy aged terracotta potschampagne lifestyle diy aged terracotta pots

DIY aged terracotta pots

For this DIY you’ll need the terracotta pots you want your plants to go into and some white paint. Ideally, go for a chalky based paint, I used some of this leftover wood paint that I had from our living room makeover. It’s a gorgeous off-white colour from Dowsing and Reynolds and I can’t wait to show you it in the living room. Quite simply to get that aged look, put a bit of paint on your paintbrush and go at it. You’ll want a rough look, with some areas hardly touched and some areas with it a built up more. You can mix your paint with a bit of water if you want. Personally, if you go for a chalky paint, you don’t really need it. The main thing is to keep your brushstrokes horizontal so that it looks authentic. Should the white get a little dirty, that’s okay. It all adds to the charm of the DIY. Once you’ve got your desired look, leave to dry for an hour and plant your babies in your new home!


champagne lifestyle diy aged terracotta pots

Will you be having a go at making these DIY aged terracotta pots?

I’m so happy with how they turned out. It’s the first bit of creating a gorgeous outdoor space for our home. I can’t wait to work on it more in the next few months so Lee and I can enjoy the sunshine more in the summer. Dare I even say, we might even invest in a BBQ?