Best Places to Get Fresh Flowers From

champagne lifestyle interiors fresh flowers

There’s nothing I love more than decorating my home with fresh florals. The smell that they fill the whole room up with, the colour they add to a room and just their sunny disposition.

Granted, having fresh florals in your home is a luxury, but there is a way for everyone to do it (check out my last post on decorating your home with gorgeous bouquets of flowers.) Whether you go all out or select a few stems, I’m a firm believer in that anyone can have a fresh bouquet of flowers in their home. I even had fresh flowers when I was at University- the poorest I’ve ever been. You really don’t have to spend a hefty penny to get a bouquet into your home. However, if you wanted to save up and treat yourself- you can do this also.

There are a few places you can fresh flowers to decorate your home with, and here are just some of my favourite places…


champagne lifestyle interiors fresh flowers

Online to your doorstep

Ah, the miracles of the internet. You can order anything now straight to your home. Now fresh flowers delivered to your doorstep is not a new thing. And recently, we’ve seen a rise in the number of companies that will deliver flowers straight to your home through your letterbox. Bloom & Wild is the main frontrunner and my go-to for sending flowers to friends and family for special occasions. For ultimate luxury, The Fresh Flower Co is da bomb. Though they don’t get delivered in a box, they are completely different to your usual home delivery companies. These flowers are fresh, gorgeous and daring. Totally worth treating yourself with. I’m still on the hunt for another great letterbox flowers company so do let me know about your suggestions in the comments.

Your local Independent

To me, there is nothing better than supporting your local independent stores. This is the same for your local florists. There’s at least one or two that you live nearby. My new favourite places to get fresh flowers in Leeds? The first is lovely new company Out of the Bloom. They don’t have a website but they are selling in North Star most weekends. I’m so happy to have found this company. There’s hardly anyone locally doing wildflower bouquets and it’s exactly what I’ve been wanting to have in my home for such a long time! For plants, you can’t go wrong with Short Press. I love their store and I’m sitting patiently for them to get a fig leaf plant in (hint, hint guys!)

Your city’s market

The market is the perfect place to pick up amazing green stems at such an affordable price. Leeds market is my goto place for my eucalyptus leaves stems for my vases. The vendors are such experts on their goods, I’ve had the best advice on how to keep your flowers alive for as long as possible. Now that I’ve moved out of the city, it’s harder for me to get to it but every time I head into town, I make a nose dive for the place to pick up a few stems.

Where do you get your fresh florals from?

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