TV Shows I’m Obsessed with Right Now

With a lack of broadband since moving (gulp), I’ve pretty much spent this week off unpacking boxes with some of my favourite TV shows on in the background. Talk about a first world problem! In all honesty, it’s not been too bad. I’ve sought refuge at a local cafe to ensure that I get the blog organised and schedule. And, the lack of WiFi has lead to being more productive with the unpacking of the new house.

With the snow gone making way for the downpour of April Showers (yay), I’m predicting a few more nights in at home curled up on the sofa watching TV for most of us this month. Afterall, summer is just around the corner. Let’s enjoy this time while we have it. If you’re in need of some TV shows to watch, here are a few I’m obsessed with right now…


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TV Shows I’m obsessed with right now

Queer Eye. Ob-ssseeeeesssseeeddddd! I adore the fab 5. I want to be one of the fab five. This is the show you should binge on one weekend. Not only is it full of laughter and fun, but it also hits on relevant topics and discussions that the world is having right now. Be prepared with tissues, there are a few tear-jerking moments.

ANTM. An oldie but a goodie. Tyra is back and it’s better than ever. I loved this show since I was a teenager. We’re almost at an end, so find the episodes online or on catch up and get watching. You’ll be smizing by the end of the third episode. And who doesn’t love the makeover episode? My favourite to win? Khrystyana is my fave.

How to Get Away with Murder. I discovered this tv show when I found out about the Scandal/ HTGAWM crossover episode. It takes a bit to get into (and the overlapping of time can be a bit confusing), after the first few episodes I was hooked! After watching all the available episodes on Netflix, I’m desperate for the new season to be available soon.

Handmaid’s Tale. Technically not a show I’m watching right now, but it’s starting up again in a few weeks time and I cannot wait! I read the book back in secondary school and was in love with the first season. Also, this season goes beyond where the book went (Margret Atwood has apparently told the producers where the story is going) so I’m excited to see what happens, especially because there are no spoilers.

American Crime Story. 100% everyone should watch this. Even if you’re not into fashion or know who Gianni Versace. Though it is about his assassination, the series has been focusing on Andrew Cunanan and his backstory. Not an easy task since there’s not actually much out there about him as a person and it’s hard to tell what is the truth and who is just making it up to get their five mins of fame. Darren Criss is excellent in this along with the rest of the cast.

What TV shows are you obsessed with right now? 

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