How to Throw an Alternative Baby Shower

This month is already special for a number of reasons. Not only did Lee and I move out of the city centre and celebrating our one year anniversary, but also, one of my best friends is having a baby. It’s the first time in my life that someone so close to me is having a baby and I’m not sure who is more nervous/ excited; me or the expecting mother! But along with going on this journey with my friend, I’ve also selfishly relished in taking part in things that you do when your friend is expecting a baby. One of them being organising an alternative baby shower.

When thinking about throwing Ally a baby shower, I knew that we wouldn’t be going down the classic route. Truth be told, I think us attendees were also a little relieved that we wouldn’t be partaking in the usual baby games. Whilst I think we can all agree it’s great giving the mama one day of special attention, not all mothers-to-be are 100% into the usual throes of a baby shower. So if you’ve got an expecting mum and not quite sure if she would be up for the classic baby shower, here are a few things to consider to get you on the right track…


Organising an alternative baby shower

Think about what you normally do when you hang out. When you’re thinking about doing something for your expecting friend and not quite sure what to do, think about what you guys would do on a day to day basis and just elevate it. For our friend, in her words, she loves nothing more than relaxing and chatting with food and some drinks. We do that pretty much every time we hang out, so why break with tradition? So for her baby shower, we lined Lauren’s dining table with food, pop some bubbly (two sets friendly for both Ally and the drinkers) and just hung out and chatted about everything. Quite simply one of the best afternoons we’ve ever had as a group.

Don’t go overboard on the ‘baby stuff’. The expecting mother knows she’s having a baby, so there’s no need to spell it out for her. However, you also want to hint that this social gathering is more than just a get-together. So when going for decorations, think simple. A balloon banner, a few tassel buntings and the odd balloon dotted about is perfect. Ginger Ray is the perfect place to pick up baby shower decorations. If you think the decoration is getting out of hand, remember Coco Chanel’s wise words when it came to accessorising- take away the last thing you added to the room. Music wise, find any tune that has the word baby in it, is about being a mama or even slightly related to giving it birth (Push It by Salt N Pepper had the room howling when it came on) is a guaranteed winner for laughs.


champagne lifestyle alternative baby shower

Baby, baby, baby oh!

Be mindful of the colour scheme. When it comes to the colour scheme- it’s best to stay in the neutral zone. It’s a challenge but party organisers are coming better at recognising that baby shower colours are not just blue and pink. Think about the theme of your shin-dig and go from there. Ours was afternoon tea held in March, so we stuck with Springtime tones.

Don’t go cheesy with the baby games! I have to admit, there’s no escaping games when it comes to baby showers. The trick is not to go too cheesy and don’t go overboard. The diaper/ nappy game I will never understand and if I’m honest most party guests get bored of it quite quickly. Something simple as guessing the baby is fun for everyone- it gets the conversation flowing and reminiscing about the good old times! We also enjoyed filling out these baby advice cards, the baby doddles and general advice had us all in stitches.

Just have fun! There’s a reason why most of us dread going to organised events such as hen parties and baby showers. Organised fun is just not fun, plain and simple. And whilst there are certain things you’ll wanna tick off, don’t go overboard. Aim for a maximum of three things you’ll wanna hit throughout the day (for example present giving and two baby games.) For the rest of it, go with the vibe of the room and more importantly, what the expecting mama want’s to do. If she just want’s to watch a movie, bust out the popcorn and stick Netflix on. If everyone actually wants to do a few more activities, have back up ideas that you can whip out at a moments notice.

And finally

More importantly, just have fun with your friend. You’re putting all this effort into letting your friend know how much you love her. And how you can’t wait to be an Auntie. Just relax and enjoy this time with your bestie.

champagne lifestyle organising an alternative baby shower


What are your tips for organising an alternative baby shower? 

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