How to Move House Without Losing Your Mind

It’s been two weeks since Lee and I moved house and we’re finally settled into our new home. Let me tell you, it feels great to be unpacking the last of the few boxes we have left. Our new house is starting to feel like a home.

Let me start with the fact that I hate packing. I hate packing even for a holiday. The thought of it is making me break out in a rash. However, if I want to explore the world or move from a flat to a house, moving is inevitable. I knew from the minute we signed the contracts that I would need to start as early as possible. There would be a point where I would hit the wall and not want to continue. So by being organised moving house, I knew that when it came to the night before I would be so thankful.

So if your moving house in the not so distant future, I’m hoping these tips for being organised moving house will help you get into your new home with ease.


champagne lifestyle organised moving house

How to be organised moving house

Write a master plan. First thing first, start planning your moving-out bible. It will list everything you need to do, need to move and when it needs to be done. Answer all the basic questions down on paper as soon as possible. Sounds a lot. Trust me, in a few weeks when you’re spiralling in the chaos you’ll be grateful to your past self that you wrote it down. Make sure to note everything. Utilities to move over, transport to plan, what can be sold or thrown away. Sit down on a quiet day, grab yourself a cuppa and over all of it. It may seem like overkill, but this could save your mind.

Sell, throw or donate. You knew this was coming. With any move, there’s that lovely chance for all that old stuff that’s been building up in the back of your cupboard and finally get rid of it. Afterall, you’re going to be paying people to move your stuff, why pay them to move the things you no longer want? If it doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it.


champagne lifestyle organised moving house


Kick the ass out of your move

Know where your stuff is going. When you get into your new home, you’ll want access to all your stuff almost straightaway. The smart thing to do is write on all the boxes exactly what the contents is. The even smarter thing is not only write down which room it needs to go into, but also colour coordinated. Assign every room in your house with a colour and make a master clipboard with those colours on it and which room they belong to. That way when the many people who are helping you move are grabbing boxes, they know exactly where they are going. It’s actually quicker to understand colour than words. Your move will be done in no time. Plus you’ll avoid being constantly asked ‘where does this go?’

Have a kick-ass day. Dedicate a day to get as much shit as you can do on that one day. It can be a moving supply buying day or blasting through calling all the companies and letting them know about your new address. Refer to that master list of what you need to do and just tick it off one by one. You’ll feel so much better after it and it’s one less thing to worry about it.

Don’t waste people’s time. If someone is volunteering their time and muscles to help you out, don’t be a dick and not be organised. Have everything ready and do not leave things until the very last minute unless absolutely necessary. And just like your mama taught you- remember your please and thank yous. Send flowers or get some yummy treats to feed those who are helping you. They will appreciate it just as much as your appreciating their help.

What are your tips for moving house like a pro? 

Good luck with your moving day! I hope it goes swimmingly. Check out my other lifestyle and interiors posts here on the blog.