One Year Anniversary

One Year Anniversary

Tomorrow is our one year anniversary. It seems crazy to think that this time last year, Lee and I were in New York City Hall getting our marriage licence, then spending the rest of the day wandering around the city. Literally no idea about the amazing craziness that would be our wedding day the next day. It seems crazy to think not only have we been together for five years, but also married for one whole year. And as a way to celebrate, I invited Lee to write for the first time on the blog to answer separately some relationships questions.


champagne lifestyle one year anniversary


How has your relationship changed since you got married?

Elle: I don’t think much has changed in terms of the core of our relationship, considering how long we’ve been together. I did feel within the first few months of marriage, we were more a unit, just felt a bit more connected.

Lee: In all honesty, nothing much has changed. we are how we have always been which is not a bad thing but an insight into how content we are in each others company.

One year on, is there one moment from your wedding that stands out the most? 

Elle: I think mine has to when we were at DUMBO having our photos taken with the bridge in the background. There were loads of people around but it felt like just me and Lee in that cliche way. Plus, I had just woken up from a quick nap in the taxi, so I was feeling much more refreshed.

Lee: There are loads of photos from that day……loads! But my favourite is still one I took on my iPhone quickly of Ellie post-ceremony looking wonderful and just casually eating a pretzel we grabbed from a vendor. That day was very busy but fantastic all at once but that moment serves as a little slice of unplanned gold that just sticks with me as clear as if it was yesterday.


champagne lifestyle one year anniversary

Describe your other half in five words. 

Elle: Calming, daring, loyal, adventurous and creative.

Lee: Caring, determined, quirky, ambitious and genuine.

Things the other person cannot live without?

Elle: Sketchpad, notebook, wrestling, his family and camera collection.

Lee: Cheese, Time to herself, Goals to achieve, her friends and family.

What are your favourite traditions?

Elle: Mine is a Christmas tradition with decorating the tree. Lee plans to either work or just avoid the house while I put it up and decorate it. Then we Lee returns he puts the star at the top of the tree. It’s a simple tradition but I love that moment.

Lee: It may sound boring, but we’re both very busy people but we like to unwind when possible. So when we find a new Tv show every few months and binge on it, that’s my favourite ‘Tradition” if it is even one of those.


champagne lifestyle one year anniversary

What’s your favourite look for each other?

Elle: As much as I push Lee to experiment with his style, his jeans, jumper, brown boots and navy coat combination is my favourite look on him. And when he wears a suit, because he hardly wears one so it’s always a nice moment.

Lee: I wouldn’t say I have a favourite look, shes always been very fashion orientated and has a personal style that suits her. However, she should wear more hats. I like her in hats.

What have you learnt in the last year?

Elle: That I need to remember that Lee can’t read my mind and when I ask for something I need to tell him exactly where it is. I can’t expect him to know that ‘on the side’ means my bedside table.

Lee: Despite being together for almost 6 years we can still surprise each other.

Favourite dish the other person makes?

Elle: He makes amazing pasta. Pasta in any form. Along with a kick-ass margarita.

Lee: Hands down it’s the fantastic Roast Chicken she makes! Although her French yoghurt cake is a close second. Maybe it’s better? I can’t decide…


champagne lifestyle one year anniversary

The one thing that you don’t see eye to eye on?

Elle: Sometimes the pace that things happen annoys me. If I set Lee a task it can take quite a while for it to be done, compared to me who would have had it done at a snap of a finger. But then again, I have to remember that not everyone works at my pace and it’s not the end of the world. I also don’t care for Labyrinth.

Lee: She loves NFL, salmon, white wine, camembert and mussels. I care for none of these. We also differ on out our political outlook, but its never once been a source of conflict.

What do you think will happen in this next year or marriage? 

Elle: We’re planning our big holiday this time next year and I think we’ll go on one or two more trips throughout the year. We also decorating our new home. Next year I think we’ll start thinking about buying and just putting the feelers out.

Lee: Hmm…… honestly I’m not sure but we’re always planning. especially with Ellie and thinking 12 steps ahead being engrained in her DNA. Ideally, we’ll travel more, make some great memories, fix up our new home. Anythings possible really.


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