New Additions to My Beauty Shelf

When I like a certain beauty product, that’s it. Like I’ve said many times on the blog, I have dry/ sensitive skin so when a product works, I very rarely goes against it. This is why I’ve used the same moisturiser for the last two years. Saying this, it’s always nice to have change. And whilst I may not be so adventurous with my skincare, everything else is fair game. And with that, there are a few new beauty additions to my collection…

Some oldies, but goodies

So a slight disclaimer, there are two products that I’ve already used before. However, I’ve not used them in a while so I am classing them as new beauty additions for the year. The first is Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel. An oldie but goodie. First use and my skin is feeling super clean, soft and luxurious. However, it unfortunately only lasts for a few goes. This is why I stopped using the first time, that amazingness that I felt at the beginning fizzles out quickly. However, I’m not going to stop using it, but rather keep it for just a Sunday cleanser. This means I’m on the lookout for a new everyday cleanser so any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

The next is IGK Hair Rich Kid Coconut Oil Air-Dry Styler. I picked this up this time last year when I was in New York for my wedding (and you can read about my entire Sephora haul here on the blog.) And finally, it’s available in the UK in Space NK and yasssss! OMG, my hair has been craving for this product and I’m so glad I don’t have to try and convince Lee that we need another trip to NYC just to get a bottle. It’s like a gel-cream and my hair just clings onto every bit of this product. It feels so much better and I’m so happy that I can now have it as a regular in my haircare routine.

champagne lifestyle new beauty additions

New beauty additions

So with this in mind, I decided to try another one of the IGK products. I picked up the IGK Hair Down & Out Dirty Spray to give my hair some texture and volume. I like the product but I don’t think it’s suitable for my hair. Because it’s super fine, I can only use a little bit of the spray, otherwise, it looks super greasy. I feel this would be perfect for any girls out there with thick, luxurious hair. 100% worth the investment if this is you.

I was looking to try out a new nighttime cleanser and was incredibly lucky that the lovely people at Neom gifted me with their new Perfect Night’s Sleep Cleansing Balm. No obligation to write this post, but I’ve really enjoyed using this in the evenings. It’s so deep and nourishing and I’ve found that I have been sleeping so much better since using this product. Combining it with a facial massage for a few minutes and your skin will be so grateful.

Finally a new mask. I’ve tried a few of these in the past, but this has to be my absolute fave and the only one I would recommend investing in. I use the L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Bright Skin Face Mask at least once a week and my skin is buzzing afterwards. It feels so fresh and glowy! for extra wow, I have used this the night before a big event. Combined with my highlighter and I feel so good- glow for days!

What are the new beauty additions to your bathroom?

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