April Goals

Ah, April. Where has this year gone? With February it felt like it was never going to end. March has just zipped by in no time! We are now into April and gearing up for lighter days, warmer months and more exciting things happening. Much like flowers opening up in Springtime, bloggers are shaking off their winter coats in favour of blazers, cute sunglasses to pout behind and the ever coveted brick walls. Finally, my weekends will no longer be all about cramming every drop of sunlight to get pictures done for posts. I’ll be able to get them done after work! Yes, things are looking up. And on that note, it’s time to think about my April Goals…


champagne lifestyle april goals

April goals!

01. Celebrate our anniversary. I can’t believe in 10 days I will have been married a whole year. Where did this time go?! I still smile when I think about our wedding day, honestly one of the best times of my life! We’ve been promising to celebrate with a meal out and though we would have wanted to have gone away, with the move it just wasn’t feasible. So we’re going to be booking a holiday for this time next year to celebrate. I can’t wait, this girl needs some sun!

02. DIY, DIY, DIY. So we’ve moved into our new home. And it’s fair to say that our new place is a bit of a granny. It’s a culture shock from the modern flats I’ve been used to living in. Luckily, our landlord seems fine with us giving the property a bit of TLC. So there will be a few DIY projects that will be happening throughout April, which I cannot wait to start. The first one, an alcove shelving unit in the living room. Who’s with me?

03. Getting a car. I’m a bit afraid to type this out loud as I have a sinking feeling I’ve jinxed myself. But the move has highlighted that while I’m okay with travelling by train/ walking to work, it’s going to take its toll on me. And my lovely parents are giving us a helping hand with finally getting some wheels. Nothing fancy, just something to take us from A-Z. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be Instagramming it once it happens- fingers crossed!

What are your April goals? 

Let me know what you’re planning for this month, I’m a little nosey like that. Check out my other lifestyle posts here on the blog.