Yesterday was the start of Spring. Technically, we’ve got a few more days to go. However seeing as yesterday I didn’t wake up to a blanket of snow and the temperature wasn’t in the minus, I’m calling it and saying Spring is here. And here to stay. And with that comes that cliche task that we all don’t want to do, but our homes are craving for. A good Spring cleaning.

I’m hoping you’ve not clicked off this page and sent my bounce rate going sky-high. I’m also going to assume that if you’ve clicked on the post you either love a good clean like I do, or know you need to do this but have no idea where to start. Well not to worries, I’m here to help. The key is not to look at it as doing an entire weekend of cleaning unless you want to. Rather, think of them as small, micro tasks that you reward yourself every couple of tasks. Trust me, you’ll be amazed how quickly you blast through these tasks when you know you’re that one step closer to a {insert your treat here}. And while there are the usual task you need to do, I’m sure these next few tasks will be things you would have never thought of doing.

So I’m challenging you to dedicate a weekend to get your house to show home status. Are you ready to take on the Spring cleaning challenge?


Let’s get Spring cleaning!

01. Flip your mattress. Your mattress, your back and your sleep will thank you for it. It takes five mins and makes such a difference. Whilst you’ve got your mattress half way up through its rotation, why not give your bed a quick dusting. Think about it, when was the last time you cleaned your bed? It still gathers dust (dust you lie nearby every single night…) and is a quick job you can forget about for the next six months…

02. Deep clean your dishes & glassware. If you have a dishwasher, this will be a breeze! Whilst yes, we clean dishes and glassware on a regular basis when we use them, giving them a bit of TLC every now and then will do them a world of good. First a bit of prep. Put your dishwasher on a cycle with nothing but a dishwasher cleaner inside it. Next, top up your salt and rinse aid. Now you’ve got a nice, sparkly, clean dishwasher to clean all your kitchenware. You’ll notice a difference, trust me!

03. Hoover EVERYWHERE. I loooovee a good bit of hoovering. And whilst everyone has got hoovering the floors down to a T, this is all about doing a good deep clean. Pull that furniture away from its usual place and get stuck in. If you’re lucky to have a hoover with multiple contractions, get using them. Recently, we got a Dyson Hoover from the and it’s just made cleaning such a breeze! The long arm means I can get really stuck into the corners of my ceiling and get rid of those cobwebs that I’ve been ignoring building up there. This is the one job that will make such a difference to your home. You’ll feel so much better for it.


Okay Spring, we’re ready for ya! 

04. Take your winter coats to the dry cleaners. Spring cleaning includes the items in your wardrobe too! And whilst you’re starting to pack away your winter wardrobe, why not give your Winter coats a little TLC. Afterall, they’ve worked hard these last few months (remember the snow from last week?) I always take my coats to the dry cleaners before I pack them away. Why do them now? Because come September/ October when we’ll be desperate to wear them, rather than waiting for them to come back from the dry cleaners, they will be perfect to put straight on your back and step out onto the streets. Future self will be so thankful for the prep you’ll be doing now.

05. Dust your silk flowers. While you’ve got your duster and polish out, give your silk flowers a bit of a once over. I bet you can’t even remember the last time you gave them a clean (the answer is you haven’t, just like me…) They don’t need too much hassle, but especially on your white ones, they make such a difference. One quick wipe and they are brand new. Obviously, please don’t spray straight onto the flowers, just a light layer on the duster and a quick sweeping movement is all you need!

06. Deep clean your laptop. The first time I did this, I realised how high I had the brightness of my screen on, purely because of the layer of dust on the screen. So so bad! Any whilst you should give your laptop a clean on a regular basic, your poor laptop needs a deep facial twice a year as a minimal. You can get cheap computer cleaning kits online and in most supermarkets. You need a lovely micro-cloth, screen cleaner and my personal fave, an air duster. One blast of this and ALL the dirt from under your keyboard is eroded from your laptop. Yes, it will make you feel sick to see what comes out from under the keys. Yes, your laptop will thank you for cleaning out it’s pores.


Who’s doing a Spring cleaning this weekend? 

Don’t forget to show me your fabulous sparkly home after your Spring clean on Instagram, I do love a good look around someone’s home! Check out my other lifestyle posts here on the blog.


The Dyson hoover was gifted to me by the lovely people at All hints, tips and opinions are my own.