Organising Tips I’m Taking from Remodelista

I’m an organising freak. Monica Gellar has nothing on me. And one of my recent coffee table book purchases is probably my favourite books ever. Remodelista is clean, minimalist and simply a gorgeous book to look at. It is also a very practical book, full to the brim with hints and tips that will no doubt help you to organise your home.

Moving house (I promise, other than one other post coming up, this is the final time I’ll mention it. Trust me, I’m sick of it as much as you are.) has given me the chance to rethink the layout of my home and, of course, how I organise things. For a long time, I’ve been stuck with things being arranged and organised a certain way. This is down to a few things; a lack of ideas, healthy debates with my husband on when we can spend pennies on certain things and space. City centre flats don’t come with a lot of room. House do though, so I can finally allow the creative juices to flow.

So with all this in mind, here are some of the organisation tips I’m going to take into my new home…

The Remodelista organisation tips

Glass jars and an organised fridge. So the kitchen section of the book was where I took a particular fancy to. The picture of all the food decanted into glass jars is my jam. There’s a particular area in the kitchen that I think it will be perfect for. I just feel that it will so much better and be so much easier for identifying what’s running out and what we need to buy more of. Their tips on organising a fridge also are 100% happening. The book talks about FIMO (first in, first out) process and again embracing glass containers. Ikea’s kitchen storage section is my new favourite place to visit on the website right now…

Bye, bye cables! Of course, you can’t completely get rid of all cables. But I am the number one person for shoving them down right down the back of furniture and probably damaging them so much! Now, I’m on Amazon looking at different ways I can hide cables in a neat fashion without breaking them. Ikea also has been a must place to visit at the moment, they have some genius cable tidying products.

Creating the perfect entryway. So in our new house, I don’t have an actual entryway/ porch area, as the downstairs consists of the lounge, kitchen and the stairs to the basement. So there’s nowhere like in our current flat to dump coats and shoes when you first come through the door. The book has a great bit at the beginning all about creating that space when you lack one. Think a high shelf, wooden coat rack and natural woven bag. So excited to work on this mini project.

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If you love a bit of organisation in your life, you’re going to love this book. I’d love to know which organising tips you’re wanting to implement in your home.