I’m an avid collector of coffee table books. I love displaying them on my coffee table, bookcases and of course my side table. Have I read all the books in my collections? No, but how pretty do they look?! There are a few I’ve casually flicked through (and some I have actually read in detail now that we’re moving to somewhere we can decorate) especially the ones I’ve recently purchased. And while yes, they were mainly picked out for their Instagram worthiness and the design details on the spine, they are also a plethora of knowledge.

My recent coffee table book collection purchases range in a number of subjects, one happens to be my favourite purchase ever (can you guess which one it is?) Are you ready to make some purchases?


Coffee table book collection

Farrow & Ball How to Decorate: Transform your home with paint & paper. Very much a theory nerdy book on paint and how to decorate your house in it. From the tools you should be using to get the perfect coat on your walls, to talking about the colour wheel and what colours work well together to turn your house into a home. We’re doing a bit of paint but nothing or major, yet it’s still the perfect book for starting off with the basics. Though I do now want to paint the entire house…

Cupcakes & Cashmere at home. Though not exactly a new book, I had to add this to the post as a book you should by if you’re into interiors. I love Emily’s home style and seeing the transformation of her new home. She talks you through room by room so it looks gorgeous! She even separates what you should invest in if you’re buying or renting a home, so it’s perfect regardless of where you are in your life house-wise. The perfect investment for your coffee table book collection.


Let’s get stacking and styling!

Remodelista: The Organized Home. This is me in a book. If you love organisation as much as I do (I’ve got a Pinterest board dedicated to it) then you will love this book. Even if you’re not an organising nerd, visually this book is stunning. The ideas it gives you are so inspiring and you know if you give them a go, your home is going to look amazing. Be prepare for me to go on about this in the not so distant future.

Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves. Fantastic for giving you some serious interior inspo. From a cheeky quiz to help you find your interior style (mine was totally on point!) to how to style your surfaces, you’ll find that you can get yourself completely lost in this book for an hour or two with a good cuppa. Well worth wasting a Sunday over perusing the pages.

What are your favourite coffee table books?

Are you going to add any of these books to your collection?