I love having plants in my apartment. They bring so much life to any room, energy and colour to an otherwise very white apartment (my landlords sure love magnolia…) There are Instagram accounts dedicated to showcasing their Urban Jungle and my babies pop up on my gram every now and then. I do know, that many people avoid them due to the fear of killing them off. But not to worry, I’m here to tell you how to care for your houseplants.

The trick is to pick the right, easy plants to begin with. Lucky for you, I’ve previously written about houseplants that are incredibly easy to take care of. Pick the right plant first time around, and you’re off to a good start.


How to care for your houseplants

Check your plant’s moisture levels. And not just when you remember, check daily. Set yourself a reminder on your phone or put a note up on the wall. And it’s not just checking the top of the soil, you have to stick your finger into the soil (just the tip of your finger) to see how the soil feels underneath. Overwatering your plants is just as bad as hardly doing it. My plants are usually good with being watered once a week, but sometimes they need a top up or can go a little longer.

Remove the dead leaves. This is so important. If you really want to care for your houseplants, as soon as you see some dead leaves, remove them immediately. Unlike grey hairs, if you leave the dead leaves on the plant, three more will come it’s funeral. Remove it and let the plant heal.

Clean your plant leaves. Plants collect dust. Plants with rubber leaves are a bugger for it. Yup, your Monstera is the worse for it. Dust not only doesn’t look great, it’s unhealthy for the plant. Grab a yellow duster and give the leaves a quick wipe over weekly. Please, do not use any cleaning products on the leaves. The duster will do just fine.

Be aware of drafts. Plants are sensitive to change. So a sudden gust of wind from an open door or a spike in heat from the radiator it’s right next to, can really upset the plant. Check the spots where your plants located during seasons (winter and summer) and check for anything that might hurt your plant from looking its fabulous self.

How do you care for your plants?

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