Okay, confession time. I’ve become moving obsessed. I really didn’t want to be that person whose whole life was about moving (think Cady from Mean Girls when she’s talking about her fascination with Regina… you know which one I’m talking about) but reality has slapped me across the face. I’ve literally got nothing else going on in my life other than the organisation of moving house. But with this first-world problem comes some added benefits, such as finding interior inspo for the new house.

What can I say? I’m using this move as an excuse to get new furniture and try out a new interior style. Yes Lee, you’ve caught me. I insisted we move just so I can get new things for the house (he’s always accusing me of trying to find any reason to decorate the house with shiny new things.) And part of the fun is planning and researching. So I’m loading up on interior books, pinning like a mad woman on Pinterest and spending hours scrolling on homeware websites. ASOS and Topshop have been replaced with H&M Home and Trouva.

I decided that with the many interior & home tours that I’m going to be doing for the next couple of months, I should do this one as a starting point. Personally, I love this type of nosy posts. One of my favourite TV shows is George Clarke’s Ugly House to Lovely Home and my favourite parts as the before/ planning and then, of course, the after. I’m hoping if you’re reading this post, that you love these parts too.

The new house!

champagne lifestyle interior inspiration new houseSo this little image to your right is the actual floor plan for the new house. Still cannot get over that the house has stairs. And that the bathroom has a window! (our last two flat lacked natural light in this room.) It’s an adorable stone through-terrace with a little courtyard out at the back (whatever is between the drainpipes is ours.) It’s cute, quaint and charming. And I can’t wait to get my hands on it and do it up.

Now, as a rental, we are restricted to what we can do to make it over and change it to our interior style. There’ll be no knocking walls down and I feel so lucky that the landlord is allowing us to even paint walls. So the plans that I have really focus on being temporary and easily removable or changed once our tenancy ends (hopefully not for a long time.)

For the first few months, we’ll be focusing on 4 1/2 rooms: living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and hallway. The guest bedroom is just going to be a dumping ground. There’s also a cellar which I’m happy to become a large storage room also. There’s also room for a potential shed outside, so of course, there will be a mini garden makeover post coming soon. Watch out for that one in the summer!

Interior inspo for the new house

I will be going into each room into much more detail (there are mood boards at the ready!) with dedicated posts coming up. but I do have a plan for the entire theme of the house, as I want each room to flow into each other and be cohesive. I think the biggest difference will be no white walls. Sorry guys, but I’ve been plagued with having cream walls for five years. And dare I say it, I’m kinda done with them. Now, that’s not to say that I’m going to the dark side (sorry Ally, I know you’re trying!) but I’m embracing the idea of a warm living room. I love the navy paint colour trend, but everyone is doing it these days so I’ve decided to go against the curb. I’m feeling the green tones (huge for 2018) and I love this gorgeous green-grey paint by Dowsing & Reynolds.

So below is my main mood board for the house. As you can see, it’s heading to being much warmer and less brilliant white. I’m also saying goodbye to the Ikea flat-pack white furniture and embracing darker woods, such as this gorgeous coffee table from La Redoute. I’m not straying away from my Scandi-vibes just yet, I still want there to be lot’s of light and for it to feel airy and relaxing; especially in the bedroom.


champange lifestyle new home

Do you like the interior plans I’ve got for the new house? 

I’ve also got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to the new house, which I encourage everyone to have a scroll one lunchtime over a good cuppa. Eeek! I’m so excited!