When I first moved in with Lee to our first place in Leeds (and our first place together ever) other than the excitement of living with a boy for the first time, I was so excited to decorate our own place. I’ve never had my own place (as in an entire house not just my student accommodation bedroom) and the thought of decorating a space was too good to be true.

We are now into five years of living together (and nearly one year of marriage- yay!) and my love for decorating a home is still going strong. And with the excitement of moving into our new place, I’ve been going into interior inspiration overload. Our current flat is gorgeous and I like to think that I turned it into a pretty stylish place to live. But with the new home that we are moving into in a couple of weeks, we get to do a little more to the place than just put a few holes in the wall and rearrange the furniture. Our landlord is being super flexible with letting us decorate the place, that I’m counting down the days until I get to paint a wall.

Finding interior inspiration

The one thing that I’m excited to figure out is what my interior style is. I have a vague sense what I like and don’t like. But when you’re restricted to what you can do in a space, it can stunt your creativity. Enter, searching high and low for interior inspiration and finding my interior style. There are so many different places to get interior inspiration from, the world is literally your oyster!

Look in your wardrobe. One of the easiest ways to pinpoint your home style is to simply look in your wardrobe. Your clothes are the easiest way to recognise your personal style. Is it full of colour and bright patterns? You’re getting yourself a velvet blue sofa. Are you constantly wearing stripe tees with great jeans and blazers? You could be leaning over to a more classic home style. Take a moment to give your wardrobe some serious pondering and you’ll soon see the light.


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Home styling made simple

Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest. Ah, Pinterest. It’s wonderful site. Accepted more as a visual search engine than a social media platform, this is considered one of the best places to find interior inspiration. If you find an image that you absolutely love, the site will use its magical algorithm to show you more images that it thinks you’ll like that are similar. The next time you log in, depending on what you’ve been searching, it will show you similar images. Before you know it, you’ve jumped down the rabbit hole and got a whole board full of images that you absolutely adore. Instagram is also a place to find home styling inspiration.

Look at different cultures. Have you travelled a lot? Are there certain countries or cities that you absolutely adore? Culture is a great way at identifying your home style, taking interior inspiration from patterns, texture, smells, etc. For me, mine is France/ America (a bit of a mixture) Have a look back over your holiday snaps and you’ll certainly find somewhere that inspires you and your home.

Grab yourself some interior magazines. Interior magazines are a great place to start when looking for interior inspiration. Many magazines feature ‘real-life homes’ are a fountain of interior style. I find seeing peoples actual homes makes me feel that achieving a home that looks that gorgeous that little bit more achievable. Sit down with a cup of coffee and curl up on your sofa with a pile of glossy and get daydreaming of your perfect home. You’ll soon discover the interior styles that you like and what best suit your home.

What’s your interior style? 

What inspires your home style? Where do you find interior inspiration?