I’m loving homeware shopping at the moment. Because we’re moving, I’ve got the perfect excuse to throw out everything that we’ve owned for a while and replace it with some shiny new things. As I’ve previously spoken about, I’m really interested in changing up my interior style for the new house. Saying goodbye to all white interiors and embracing some new darker colours and textures. And an online store that is going to help me achieve this is Trouva.

Trouva I found accidentally doing research at work. It’s a great online store helping local boutiques have an online presence. There are some familiar brands available but also ones that I would have never had known about had it not been for the website. Which, is the beautiful genius of it. Though they don’t have furniture, they have some great decor pieces that will fit any interior style. From Scandi-minimalism to contemporary-industrial.

So what are some of the pieces that I have on my wishlist from Trouva right now? Well…


My Trouva selection

What are your fave picks from Trouva?

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