Starting off with a humble brag, I think I’m an alright cook. I make a good roast, I kill it with lasagne and I do make a mean baked good. I have loads of posts in my recipe section of my blog. I really enjoy cooking- once I get to that point.

The problem I struggle with is the inspiration. Classics are great but no one wants to be eating the same food over and over again. This is where our recipe book collection comes into play. I have an addiction with collecting cookbooks. I always imagined my home to have this area in our kitchen filled with cookbooks of all different cuisines. The shelf has started and now that I’m in my late twenties, I’m really enjoying being at home in the evenings cooking up some delicious meals.

Whilst some books still continue to gather dust (but look ever so pretty on the shelf!) there are a few that my husband and I are constantly grabbing. If you have someone who is learning to cook, just flying the nest or is purchasing their first home- these books would be great to give to someone!

A Year of Beautiful Eating by Madeline Shaw

I love this cookbook for everyday healthy eating. Unlike most healthy eating cookbooks, these recipes use ingredients that are pretty easy to get a hold of. They also look and taste amazing. Separate by the season so that you’re always eating fresh produce, there’s a great mixture of fish, meat and veggie options. Her breakfast recipes are the best though, great for a lazy Saturday breakfast in bed.

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The Roasting Tray by RukminiLyer

This cookbook was the best cookbook purchase Lee and I ever made. For busy, working professionals these one-dish dinners are great for creating delicious mid-week dinners. All their dishes take no time to whip up. Some of these can be prepped ahead of time, so all you have to do is stick it into the oven as soon as you get home from work and then use that hour to get ready for the evening. By the time you’ve put your cosy PJs on and your hair is in a pineapple, dinner is ready to be served.

Round to Ours by Laura Jackson & Alice Levine

This cookbook is not necessarily an everyday cookbook- but there are some great Sunday roast ideas (lamb leg anyone?) This would be the ideal gift for a new couple or someone who’s purchased their first home and is looking to show it off by hosting some dinner parties. A casual brunch or a full-on celebration, there’s a menu for every occasion. There’s also the inspiration for table setting, floral decorations- everything to create the perfect dinner party atmosphere.

What are your favourite cookbooks? 

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