I think it was either my aunt or my mum who brought me my first perfume. It was CK In2U (who didn’t own that perfume?!) and I loved it. I got for Christmas and from there- my addiction to scents and my perfume collection was born.

Since that Christmas, my aunt has taken the crown of being the queen of perfume gifting. I can always rely on her to buy me a lovely perfume for my birthday or Christmas (this year she went for home scents cause she know me that well.) Very rarely will I buy a perfume for myself. I much rather ask for one for as a gift- it gives the scent a memory. Its great when anyone asks me where I got the perfume from, I can tell them of how my mum spoilt me and got me my first Jo Malone for Christmas.

My taste in perfume has dramatically changed over the year. I use to adore sweet smelling ones. Now I cannot stand them. I love fresh citrus ones. However, I also adore a lovely deep, woody smelling one. My perfumes are all over the place in my bedroom but the main ones that I’m constantly reaching for are displayed on this marble board on my dressing table.

Not sure on what your next scent should be? Well, here are my suggestions…

My perfume collection

01. Gucci Bloom. My most recent purchase (bday vouchers). This perfume is ideal for anyone who wants a floral perfume without being too floral. There’s a hint of it without it being too much. It’s fresh, deep and great as an everyday perfume.

02. Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir. This perfume has such special memories for me because it was actually one of my wedding perfumes. I love wearing this on date nights. It’s deep, sexy smelling. It’s not like over heavy perfumes which are normally way too musky for me. It’s the perfect balance of being light with a hint of something else.

03. Elizabeth & James Nirvana White. I picked this up when I was in New York last year and because of this, I hardly use it. Only for special occasions. It’s a very pure and feminine fragrance- reminds me of the beach. I would wear this as an everyday perfume if I wasn’t so scared of running out of it.

04. Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends Fig Leaf & Sage Mist. This one I feel slightly guilty telling you about because there’s only one place where you can buy this from- their first ever store in New York. But it is a gorgeous fresh scent and if you happen to be nearby it’s worth buying. Again, one of those that I don’t use often for fear of running out. But worth the risk when I do wear it.

What was your first perfume? 

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