Having found my new love for interiors and being a fickle Sagittarius, I’m forever changing my home. If you hadn’t already noticed! After de-Christmasing my home, I really wanted to have a move around of my sideboard. It looked a little bare and needed a new lease of life!

There a few fundamentals for creating a gorgeous sideboard…


Styling a sideboard…

01. Mix practicality with design. Sideboards are great for concealed storage but also for creating a stylish practical side for everyday objects. For example, I added this gorgeous mirrored tray from my coffee table to add a bit a glam. It’s also great for chucking lightly placing my keys in when I get home from work, or propping mail up against that I’ve found. Adding these pinecones in a glass jar and this adorable cat figurine adds an extra bit of glam.

02. Keep it vibrant and fragrant. Sideboards are a perfect place to display floral bouquets. As mine is right next to my living room door, it’s a great feature to see when you walk into the room. If there’s one thing that I would recommend investing in, it’s this gorgeous reed diffuser from Aldi. It’s so strong that I can smell it the moment I walk in through the front door. Should you not want to go for a diffuser, a candle is a great go-to for scent. I’m in love with this amazing scented candle that I got as a gift at Christmas. Not only is it great to look at, but it smells incredible.

03. Keep it personal. Having a boring sideboard with no personality is never going to be a focal point in your home. Adding different things that mean something to you is a great conversation starter. I use this marble box to store my polaroid shaps in, and any cards we get such as this lovely thank you card from my dear bestie.


Interior inspiration… 

04. Stick to the thirds/ quarters. With any sideboard, I always like to see it as a grid. With my sideboard, I see it as thirds to keep it in harmony. Together it works well but your eyes can also fix on different points. Start with something in the middle, then add to the sides. Keep everything at the same height or have a dip in the middle to keep the eye line happy.

05.  Don’t forget about your walls. If you’re like me and you have to have white walls (so annoying that we can’t paint them) adding an art print gives the space an extra bit of colour. I’m in love with this pink seafoam print, it compliments our record player perfectly. Go for a large print. Gallery walls are over, in my opinion, it’s all about the singular focal art print.

How do you style your sideboard? 

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