I was really lucky to get a few new books over Christmas that I’ve been slowly getting through. I’ve been managing my time much better recently (another post for another day) so I’ve been finding that I’ve got pockets of time to sit down with a good cuppa and curl up with one of my new books. There’s a book here for everyone I reckon!

Prosecco Made Me Do It

This was my secret Santa pressie (thanks, Lauren!) and though it is not a sit-down and get engrossed in the story kind of book, it’s great for light reading and gives you inspiration for your next party or gathering. The book also goes a little into the history of each cocktail, which I quite like. Choose a recipe, have a go and let me know what you think.

Home: The Elements of Decorating

I could sit for hours and hours reading this. When I decided to focus on interiors on the blog, but also wanting to step up my interior game in my own home, it was the first book I purchased. It provides so much detail in regards to styling your home room by room from your entryway to your bathroom. I love reading the theory about styling a room and how to place furniture in a home to give it the right vibe- it’s fascinating to me.

Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**K

I don’t want to sound too cheesy, but this book has changed my life (I think I threw up just writing this sentence). I’m the biggest people pleaser and I’m constantly wanting to do the best, help everyone and keep everybody happy. Not anymore. I’m not going to go into too much details as I’ve got a whole post coming up on what I’ve learnt. But I can’t praise this book enough. I’ve got a fuck bank, a fuck budget and a whole new ethos on who I care about pleasing in my life. Revolutionary.

The Working Woman’s Handbook

This book is so inspiring and insightful. This self-development book is not cheesy in the way they present their information. It’s full of motivation with a dose of realism. Full of great ideas that make you want to get off your chair and get going on that project you’ve been putting off. Certainly kicked my butt into gear when it comes to blogging. Potentially a book I want to go into more detail about if you guys want to hear more about it?


What are your favourite books you’ve recently purchased? 

I would love to get more recommendations on books I can dive into. Check out my other lifestyle posts here on the blog.