We are slowly winding down to the big day. Yes, we have a week to go until Christmas Day and I’m so excited. I’m hosting my first Christmas in my own home with my family and I cannot wait. Then after that, I have a whole week off. For the first time in ten years (serving my time in retail) I do not have to be at work until the new year.

I’m excited but also a bit weary. The thought of a week-long holiday sounds like bliss but at the same time- I ain’t going anywhere. I will be at home on my own (Lee works in hospitality) and my friends will be a mixture of working/ visiting family.

So what is/ could you do between Christmas and New Years?

Winter/ Spring clean

If you’re all for that (which I’m totally for), use this week to clear out your home so you have a fresh start for 2018. Throw out those clothes you know you’re not going to wear, pull the furniture out and clean that skirting board. Give your home a little bit of TLC and enjoy that you really don’t have to do it again for another six months. Marie Kondo would be very proud.

Write your thank you cards 

Sure, texting your family thanking them for your Christmas gifts is nice. But who doesn’t love getting a piece of handwritten mail in the post? Spend an afternoon writing some thank you cards and put them in the letterbox on the same day. Who doesn’t love an excuse for a bit of a stationary shop?

Have a play around with your furniture

Some pieces you will not be able to do this with. However, haven’t you always wanted to see how a room would look if you just placed that chair in the other corner? Moving furniture needs a little bit of extra planning, but if it’s something that you’ve been playing around with for a while, give it a go! Scared to move larger pieces of furniture? Play around with smaller items in your home. Rearrange your books, move that lamp to another room. It’s so much fun!

Take a look at your bills

When was the last time you did this? Sit down with your bank statements and your bills and take a long hard look at them. Is there anywhere you can save? Have you thought about switching but never found the time? This week is perfect for going into the full adulting mode and sort out your finances. Figure out where you can save a bit of money, who knows, you can have a little bit of a spending spree at the end of the month. Who says it’s not rewarding being an adult?

Take some time for yourself

If you’re on your own for a few days during this week- take the time to be on your own. Whether that be a box set marathon on the sofa or sitting down and finally reading that book. Have a spa day in your home or if you have the pennies treat yourself to an actual spa day. New Year’s Eve is around the corner, you got to get yourself sparkly for the big day!

Complete your 2018 diary

If you are a type A person like me, you LOVE filling in your new diary. It’s a whole afternoon for me with a good cuppa tea. Fill out the birthdays, any important appointments you have within January and move your addresses over to your new diary. Honestly, the best fun you’ll have (okay slight exaggeration, but you get my vibe.)

From Wednesday I’m signing off from the blog until January, but do check out what I’m getting up to during my lull week by following me on Instagram.