This week I got to go to a very special event. It was one of those pinch-me moments. If the blog was to cease to exist, it would be okay- because I had hit blog goals in terms of brands I was meeting. A few weeks ago I got an email from inviting me to a supper club with a few other bloggers.

Told you it was a pinch-me moment.

My gorgeous fellow blogger and general fellow blondie bestie Lauren had also been invited (you need to all be checking out her blog By Lauren Jane– do it now!) So we set up our husbands on a PlayStation date (they played Fifa and spoke more than five words to each other- we think it will last the test of time…) and off we went for some good food and lap in some seriously gorgeous furniture.

A very quick disclaimer. didn’t ask us to write up a post in exchange for some yummy food. I’m purely writing this because I loved the evening and discovered so much more about a brand I adore and I want to tell you guys all about it!


Redbrick Mill

Our dinner was at Redbrick Mill, an emporium of all things interiors. Lauran and I had never heard of this place- and 100% we are going back for a day of shopping. They have some amazing brands, all under one roof! And takes up an entire floor- the biggest showroom in the country! Hubby and I are coming back for a lazy Sunday stroll around (and a possible tantrum when he says I can’t have the gorgeous velvet sofa I’m desperate to get my hands on!)

With a champagne reception, we took a little stroll around the store. Redbrick Mill has a great selection of the collection- in fact, they have 95% of the stock available to take home with you when you visit. Though getting one of their sofas in your car might be a small problem. I fell in love with two things, the vast selection of velvet colour options they have (most furniture can be customised with so many options!) The second thing was their tablet wish-list. Feel free to grab one of their tablets and scan anything which has a black tag on it. You can then add it to your wish list and send it to your email address. Meaning there’s really no need to be noting down a million and one codes, prices, etc. Music to my shopping ears!


Fine Dining

Dinner was delicious! Some amazing courses with the perfect wine pairings. A lot of local produce (always good) with some great company. I met some amazing interior bloggers who I have been following before this evening. It’s always great putting an Instagram name to a face. Some people to name drop who I think you will love: Dan, Victoria and Kerry.

What really opened my eyes was the vast collection of products has. Sure, I fell in love with their chairs, tables and sofas. But they have a great collection of homewares, in particular, their wine glasses and cutlery. Which I’m 100% investing in come the new year! Or here’s hoping Santa gets me a few pieces to go under my tree.


Honestly, I had the best night ever with some great people. I’m just counting down the days and saving the pennies so that I can go back and fill my house up with some gorgeous pieces. In the meantime, here’s my wish list of pieces that I’m dying to get my hands on…












































These gorgeous photographs are credited to Joanne Crawford.