This year Adulting is going to new heights! This is the year where I’m hosting Christmas! For once I won’t be driving the lengths of England to see family because they’re coming to see me! Granted, I could have waited for a slightly bigger home to host Christmas (fitting five of us in this home is going to be a tight squeeze!) but I’m so excited to do Christmas my way.

Being my first time hosting Christmas, I don’t wanna go too overboard and burn myself out. So I’m sticking to these tips to ensure that everything turns out perfectly…


Don’t do a Nigella Lawson

Look, I love homemade things and there’s nothing better than a lovely homemade cooked Christmas dinner. But on your first Christmas, don’t go all out. Save that for a few years later down the line. Instead, make something like the dessert from scratch. Places like Aldi, Marks & Spencer do these great Christmas food packages whereby you can order your Christmas dinner and get it delivered to your local store or home. Everything is prepared in its own foil tray so all you have to do is stick it in the oven and enjoy yourself. Order your food as early as you can and give yourself time for missing items. Hey, it happens. Allow yourself 2 full days (Christmas Eve doesn’t count) so if the sprouts or Christmas Cake is missing off your order- you’ve got time to get them.

If you need to make any last minute trips to the supermarket get their early as possible. Trust me, you don’t want to leave it until the last minute.

Prep the bedrooms while you can

With guests coming over, you don’t want the Christmas weekend to be a mad rush of cleaning, tidying and organising. Start getting your guest room ready now while you have a bit of time. Little at a time does the trick. One weekend wash the bedding. Next weekend tidy up some bits that may have wandered into the room. You get the idea. I’ve previously done a post all on prepping your spare room for a guest. Just makes sure you don’t leave it all to the last minute. Christmas weekend is fully chilling in your Christmas PJs and making sure that a glass of prosecco doesn’t leave your hand all weekend.

Keep the entertainment flowing

If you have another half, whilst your prepping dinner and sorting out the table, get them on entertainment duty. Failing that, have something in place once guests start arriving. Leave a selection of magazine on the coffee table, get Netflix up ready with all the Christmas films at your fingertips. Have some music playing at a low volume throughout the day. Set your boundaries also. If I’m on a mission, I don’t want people faffing around me. And whilst people offering help is greatly appreciated but not needed, it doesn’t always come out the right way. If you set the fact that you just want your guests to stay out of the kitchen and relax, they will 100% get it and respect it. No one is going to take offence to being told to chill out and enjoy themselves on Christmas day.

Don’t get lost in being perfect

As a control freak and a Type- A person, this is really hard for me to do. I want the perfect Christmas table, the best looking turkey and perfect cocktails. But accepting that certain things are not going to come out perfect will allow you loosen your shoulders and really enjoy yourself. I’ve done it before, focusing in on so much that I get lost and don’t enjoy myself at the time. So think about what the worse thing that could happen on when hosting Christmas. Then realise that on the grand scale of things- it ain’t so bad. The best case, you can always try again next Christmas. They come around like clockwork. Plus, those errors that are made are the best Christmas stories.


Who else is hosting Christmas this year? I’ll be on Instagram throughout Christmas week so keep an on my account to see how mine goes!