We are now at that point where we can count down the HOURS till Christmas! I’m so excited. I love Christmas, I love that magical feeling you get around this time a year. And whilst this year has been much simpler and a little more relaxed, I have very much enjoyed the month of December.

I’m saying all of this right before I cook Christmas dinner. Check in on Instagram Stories to see if I’m still feeling relaxed.


The final finishing touches

My final prep involves doing everything that I spoke about in my hosting your first Christmas post– except I’ve left it to the last minute. I know, I know. Why didn’t I follow my own advice? Truth be told, the past few weeks I kinda had a break from everything. There were things I had to sort and things I really wanted to concentrate on. But now everything is sorted and I’m ready to start the final prep for Christmas weekend.

The guest room is getting sorted this weekend but this week has been about getting the table ready. We don’t have a dining table, so our balcony furniture has been coming in handy. As we’ve never hosted a fancy dinner at home, I had to take a sneaky trip to one of my favourite┬áplaces in the world to pick up extra special bits. Homesense has such an amazing collection of dining wear- you’ll have everything you need to host Christmas dinner. I picked up this gorgeous linen tablecloth with matching napkins for a fraction of the price I’ve seen them selling for. One thing That I was desperate to get my hands on were some chargers. Lucky for me, Homesense had a great range of all different finishes and styles. I love these silver ones that I picked up. They have a little bit of tarnishing, giving them that rustic feel. Total Scandi-vibes.


Merry Christmas to all!

I also really wanted to add a bit more greenery on the table, so I invested in this lovely faux tree. Homesense has a gorgeous selection of faux botanicals, you really can’t wrong with adding some extra pieces to your festive home. Along with a Christmas bouquet of flowers for the coffee table, my home is going to look super cosy this weekend.

With the table pretty much set up and ready to go, I’ve just got the rest of the flat to think about. I don’t think it is as bad as I think it is. Being a Type-A person, I would feel so much calmer if this was done about three weeks ago. And whilst I feel a little panicky, I’m really looking forward to getting my home ready for my family to come over.


See you in the New Year!

So it’s time for me to sign off. I’m taking a break from posting on the blog and coming back with a bang in 2018. I need a little TLC and a breather. I’m not going to lie, I’ll most likely be working on some blog content while I’m off. It’s the perfect time to build up my content and get myself a couple of weeks worth of posts so that I’m not constantly pushing myself 24/7 with my full-time work and my blog work. I’ve got such big plans for 2018 and I can’t wait to share them with you guys!


Have a lovely Christmas guys and and even better New Year!


The post is a gifted collaboration with Homesense. All thoughts & opinions are my own. See disclaimer for full details.