My ultimate home goal is to create a home that I can entertain in. I love the idea of having a massive entertaining space, for a girls night in, seasonal parties and, of course, dinner parties (always Monica Geller).

In my old flat, it was not possible. But now, in our lovely bigger flat this is possible! Taking advantage of the chillier weather and some friends needing to crash at the last minute, I took the opportunity to throw them a feast. But not just any feast, a Scandi-inspired dinner party.

I’ve previously worked with Rekorderlig this past Springtime, so when they got in contact again asking if I wanted to work on a project with them this Autumn, I jumped at the chance. I love their cider, and what is normally a drink associated with Summer evenings, is actually a lovely drink to have in the evening on cosy nights in. When they asked if I would like to host a Scandi dinner party inspired by Scandinavia, there was no question about it. Absolutely yes!


champagne lifestyle scandal dinner party with rekorderligchampagne lifestyle scandal dinner party with rekorderlig


One thing you should know is the Scandinavians take dinner etiquette very seriously. Afterall, the host has spent a lot of time preparing this meal, you should at least be cordial. Here are some that you should always keep in mind when going/ hosting a Scandi dinner party:

  • Never arrive early. Not even one minute. Also, don’t be too late. If the invite says 7 pm, arrive between 7 pm and 7:15 pm.
  • Don’t sit partners together. The idea is to mingle with people you don’t know and meet new people.
  • Always put a napkin on your lap. Napkins do not belong on your chest.
  • Don’t drink until you are told. It’s just rude.
  • Never refuse food. Unless it will kill you or you’ve made the host aware of your dietary requirements beforehand. Always have a bit of everything.


The one thing I love about Scandinavian food is that it’s very natural and very relaxed. There’s not a lot of straining to complete dishes and no requirements for things to be 100% perfect on presentation. Very rustic and homely.

This is why Rekorderlig cider is perfect for a dinner party. It’s a very easy drink to have and can be paired with almost everything. My favourite at the moment is their spiced plum limited edition flavour is gorgeous! You can have it warm or cold and should always be served with an orange. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the classic strawberry-lime flavour.


champagne lifestyle scandal dinner party with rekorderligchampagne lifestyle scandal dinner party with rekorderligchampagne lifestyle scandal dinner party with rekorderligchampagne lifestyle scandal dinner party with rekorderlig

The Menu

For the Scandi dinner party with Rekorderlig, I went for dishes that would go well together but were easy to cook. When prepping for a dinner party, it’s important to go for dishes that you can prepare in advance. We all work really hard and no one wants to waste a weekend away constantly cooking. With the traditional meatloaf, I was able to prepare it the night before, covering it and cooking it when it as ready to go in the oven. Same with the cake, I left it until the next day to ice but the sponge was made the evening before.

When cooking the rest of the food, I wrote the cooking times down, so I had a clear plan of what needed to go in first. The timer on your mobile is a godsend. It allowed me to keep an eye on times and ensure the food came out all at the same time.

Keeping in theme with rustic and simple, I wanted to ensure that the decor reflected this. As I have no dining table, dinner was served on my coffee table, with some cushion covered in throws for guests to sit on. I had a natural runner going down the table and covered it in pine cones, mini pumpkins and white candles to create a relaxing atmosphere.


Relax and Have Fun!

The important thing to remember is that everyone has a good time, including you as the host. You’re here to have fun with your guests, so grab a bottle of Rekorderlig and get chatting once the hard work is done. Trust me, they are going to love the dinner party you will throw them!

When is your dinner party going to be? Check out more pictures of the dinner party here on my Instagram feed.


This post features an advertorial from Rekorderlig.