I started this blog almost four years ago. There was no real aim other than to have an online presence (and a place for my mum to see what I was up to since I had moved away from home).

Over time, the blog evolved into me boasting about constantly being invited to events (you have to go through that phase) to an online platform talking about all the things I am passionate about. The problem is, I am passionate about a lot of things and though I do not post anything that I am not 100% happy about, I do feel the blog has become over-congested.

Being a lifestyle blogger, it’s hard to explain what you write about. My general response is ‘oh I write about everything, lifestyle covers it all!’ And whilst it’s great that I have a vast subject range to choose from on a weekly basis- I don’t feel that it’s challenging me to push myself, my creativeness and my writing. It’s the same also with Instagram. I’m posting a lot of beautiful (in my eyes) images, but about a vast range of things. My Instagram is not growing and whilst that is not the main goal- I’m not going to lie to you and say it’s not one of the driving forces behind why I work so hard to make the blog what it is.

What’s Happening In the Blogging World?

In researching what is the future of blogging, the common thing is that people are sticking to one subject matter or one common theme. For example, Lizzy from Shot From The Street (other than being a badass at Instagram)  only does pictures of herself with great captions. Sophie Cliff has the same hew across her gram; bright, gorgeous pictures. Laura from A Forte For Fashion’s blog posts are gorgeous, stylised outfits that have deep, opinionated posts on things that are affecting all of us. For me, I wanna do the same. Content that is relevant and consistently the same.

So, out of all my passions in life- which one am I gonna zone in on and take over the world with? Really thinking about it- there’s only one direction to take it in. Interior and lifestyle.

Within my new job, I’m constantly surrounded by interior-inspo. With having a gorgeous flat that came with no furniture, it’s constantly my mission to turn this place into the ultimate city-centre home. And thinking about it, interior styling has always been in my blood. During textiles, making the mood board for the proposed room for my cushions to go in was my favourite piece of homework (and of course, I got an A* in it). When playing The Sims, I was obsessed with making the perfect neighbourhood and designing the perfect houses. And, when looking at my blog’s analytics, my interior and general lifestyle posts are the most popular posts with you, my readers.

The Future of My Blog

So welcome to Champagne Lifestyle, an interior & lifestyle blog. Here, you will find inspo for whatever your interior style. You will also find DIY posts for creating pieces I know you will love having in your home- such as this mid-century plant stand. You will also find recipe posts to fill your home with gorgeous food and general posts on how to create a fabulous life for yourself. I hope to also do a few beauty and fashion posts- but I want these to be aimed from more of an interior point of view, such as my up and coming haircare that looks great in your home and actually works! Almost think of this as an online coffee table book, a general guide to living a gorgeous lifestyle.

I hope you’re looking forward to seeing more of these types of posts. There might be a blog update, a new layout. But I’m wanting to make sure I completely understand the blog’s brand style before going forward with this. If there are any posts that you would like me to do- let me know! I love knowing what type of posts you would like to want to read. And of course, festive content. There will, of course, be some Christmas themed posts coming your way soon.

Exciting new times for the blog. Who’s with me?