When we moved into our flat just under a year ago, I began to invest in one or two trays for the house. I love a good decorative tray. They are not just for function, a good tray styled right can add so much to a room. I would always encourage people to invest in a few trays for their home. It gives you so many options! A metallic tray can give a completely different feel to a room than a wooden one.

My collection is fairly large and growing, my favourite one has to be this little circular number from Zara Home. It gives a room such a decadent vibe to any room. Here are three different ways of styling a tray three different ways around your home.


Bathroom Counter

There’s very little storage in our bathroom. So styling a tray with all my beauty bits keeps everything nice and neat. I like to have my prettier products on show. A gorgeous glass jar of cotton pads, my oil cleanser, toner, night cream. It’s also great for keeping my bobble at bay- I’m constantly losing them! Some other ideas: candles, perfume, ring dish and lipsticks.


Coffee Table

Lee and I hang out a lot in our living room. While we can’t fit a dining table in our home, it’s where we eat, relax and occasionally nap. My tray on my coffee table is the one that is constantly being styled up. It’s always got fresh flowers in it, along with other decorative trinkets. During the cosy seasons, I like to mix it up. A gorgeous autumn candle, a few pinecones and my glasses ready for when I wanna read. Some other ideas: decorative matchbox, snack bowls, magazines and playing cards.


Bar or Kitchen Counter

If you’re not lucky to have a drinks cart, styling a tray with some of your favourite drinks is perfect for when you are entertaining. Have a couple of bottles with cocktail making extras for easy access for your guest to top up their glasses. Some other ideas: bottle opener, straws, cocktail napkins and cocktail recipe book.


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