Our living room has to be one of my favourite rooms in our home. It’s the prettiest room (and subsequently, the most photographed) but also the room we hang out in the most. It’s so cosy and even though this flat has the living space altogether (kitchen, dining space and living room in one room), it feels like it’s separate from the rest of the apartment.

With it being my favourite place to hang out, comes with the desire to always have it on point. Like the rest of my house, everything is perfectly placed. The same can be said for my coffee table. Ask Anyone. I get really antsy if anyone moves things on the coffee table.

Hashtag sorry, not sorry.


Styling A Coffee Table

What was a dumping ground (and still gets dumped on every now and then) is now a gorgeous curated statement in our home. Or at least, I think so. Our coffee table is a very simple one from Ikea. I would love a fancier one but that’s an investment of the future. This one for the moment is perfect for what we need it for.

I wanted to share a few tips on styling a coffee table, so keep reading for some serious interiors inspo…


The Litte Details…

First, let’s start with a tray. A tray is ideal to have on any table (I talk about different ways you can style a tray here). You can have anything in this tray, just as long as it’s personal and coherent with the other items within the tray. Otherwise, it looks cluttered. A gorgeous candle with a decorative matchbox. A few seasonal pinecones. And, of course, a vase of flowers. Fresh flowers are such a good investment to have in your home. You don’t have to go all out, some simple green leaves bring life to any room.

Next is a stack of books. I’m addicted to collecting coffee table books (my secret dream is to write one!) You want something interesting, different subjects. They should have a few words but go for some picture heavy ones for your coffee table. Everyone loves a good flick through a book, looking at pretty pictures. To finish it off, I added a great glass vase on top filled with pinecones, again for a seasonal touch.

I like to leave a few interior magazines out to read for anyone who wants to read more. Who doesn’t want some interior inspo at their fingertips. Finally, some gorgeous coasters, because like Monica Geller- I hate water rings on the table.

The most important thing to styling a coffee table is to keep the top tidy. Leave neat stacks of magazines underneath, along with remotes and game controllers. Mine and Lee’s laptop can easily tuck underneath. The key is to make it your own. It should reflect you. It should be personal and welcoming. A reflection of the rest of your home.

I hope these tips were helpful to you. I would love to know how you style your coffee table.