Officially one of the first of many adulting posts!

When thinking about some of the posts I’m wanting to create for the blog, I’m taking a step back and thinking about the things that I want to read. I’ve seen a massive spike in ‘adulting’ posts, how to’s on practical things that are going to give you some actual benefits to you every day. These are some of the posts I like reading, and well, they say to stick to what you know and love. It’s an idea I’m playing around with for a newsletter so keep an eye out on Twitter for me asking loads of questions!

As a type- A person, I love making lists. Serious. Live for list making. I feel so much calmer after I have written everything down and can see a plan of action. This love has translated over to everyday things, one being food shopping.

It took us a while to get into a routine with meals. When I use to work on different shifts (late shifts were the wooorrrsssseee!) it was hard to ensure that we ate together. With this also came no time for us to discuss simple things such as what we wanted to eat for the week (when I was getting in from work- Lee was asleep and when Lee was getting up for work, I was asleep). Now with us having normal 9-5 jobs, we are able to schedule plan and have delicious, healthy meals. We still treat ourselves every now and then, but for the most part, we are good.


Let’s Get Prepping!

In order to achieve shopping zen, you must first do your research. Get some simple recipes under your belt that you know you love that you can whip out every week. Next, is sticking to a pattern. It may seem boring but stick to eating certain foods/ cuisines on certain days (for us it’s Fish Tuesday’s, Curry Wednesday and Pasta Friday) but mix up what recipes you go for. Again, sounds so lame and grown-up but it makes meal planning ten times better and you feel a lot more in organised.

Where there’s two+ to cook for, it’s good to sync yourselves up so you can really plan for the week ahead and not waste any food. I can only speak as a couple rather than a family- but for us, syncing our iCals on our phones means we can see what evenings one of us might be out and plan accordingly. This works for us, particularly with me going to blogging events.


Making A List

Once you know your meals for each day of the week, now it’s time to actually decide what your buying. This part is easy. Write down what you need, checking every nook and cranny of your kitchen so you know you definitely don’t have it and are not buying double. Whilst I’ve been using this notebook that I keep in the kitchen, I’ve recently made my own meal plan and shopping list, which sections everything out as much as possible (veggies, meat, cupboard, dairy and freezer). I’ve also added the days of the week at the top so you can put your meals in there and then rip that part off and stick to your fridge, just to keep as a reminder of the delicious food you’ve got coming up!

Now all you need to do is go shop! Pick a day that suits you’re routine best but I would always recommend picking the same day every week. Guaranteed that you won’t be caught short and reaching for Deliveroo when you have nothing but garlic cloves and Sriracha Mayo in the fridge. Be realistic, this part is hell. No one likes going to the supermarket, the dawdlers ( the bain of my life), kids shouting and the queues! But just grin and bear it and you will come out the other end with lots of delicious food and maybe some treats as a reward for not losing your shit (no? Just me then?)

And that’s it! Let me know if you would like some similar posts in this style in the future and what things you would like them on. You can, of course, read all my lifestyle posts here on the blog.