How to Dress an All Black Outfit When You Don’t Wear All Black Outfits

How to Dress an All Black Outfit When You Don’t Wear All Black Outfits

I hate wearing all black outfits. Even with black dresses, I like to make it up with nude shoes or a print. For me I much prefer cream/ white tones, with dark denim and a lovely neutral shoe. Afterall, if you know it works for you, just stick with it right?

But there’s something about an all black outfit that is gorgeous in it’s look. Simple. Sleek. Perfection.

If you are pale and fair-hair like me, then going for such a dark colour may be scary. But I do have a few tricks up my sleeve which I’ve been trying out this Autumn to help me overcome my fear and embrace a dark palette.

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All In The Details…

My first tip would be to wear simple pieces in black. Here I’ve gone for just jeans and a polo jumper. Simple but effective. Next, match your accessories to the colour palette. This bag has pretty much not left my side since I purchased it. It’s gorgeous with a little bit of extra detail.

If going for a coat over the top of the outfit, sick to a muted tone colour palette. I chose my trusty Topshop military green coat which works with the outfit perfectly. To pull this in, I chose my trusty brown loafers as they have a little bit of black detail to match the outfit but also pull the green coat it all together.

For the metallic finishes, I would always stick with gold on an all black outfit. It really pops, unlike silver which I think can blend into the background far too much. This belt is a sneaky dupe of the Gucci belt at a much more affordable price.

So what do you think? If you are an all black outfit novice- are you going to take the plunge? All black outfit devotees- have I done it right?