It’s that time again where I’m looking to do up my home! And this time, I’m focusing on my dining room. Now, the thing is, I don’t have a dining room. In fact, all I have is a space whereby a small (I mean very small) table could fit. Not that’s going to stop me. Currently, my Pinterest is filled with dining room inspo and I want to put a table in my home.

In our current apartment situation, we do have a breakfast bar but as it is too high for me to sit at (I literally eat with my elbows at my ears) we always eat on our laps on the sofa. Since becoming more house proud, I really do want a separate area for dining and entertaining. It will allow us to also separate our evenings. A place for evenings and a place to relax at the end of the day. It will also allow me to separate where I work (currently on my lap on the sofa isn’t doing well for me at all) and downtime away from the blog. Hopefully, time to switch off.

Ideas & Inspo

As you can tell from my mood board, my dining room inspo is all to do Scandi-inspired decor with a hint of industrial. Blame it on where I work- I’m constantly surrounded by these trends! However, I do feel that they will stand the test of time and will complement our current furniture nicely. One table I’m particularly interested in is this gorgeous four-seat dining set from Zurleys. It would complement our space nicely and is not too big and also- it’s white like all our main furniture. I also adore these chairs from La Redoute! There’s something so classic and yet modern with them and I think with a marble top table (there’s the blogger coming out in me!) they would look divine!

When I think about what I wanna place on top of the table- I’m thinking natural stone. I just love this vase from Oliver Bonas. With fresh flowers or eucalyptus leaves, it will be ready for Instagram all the time! I also need to convince the hubby that our home cannot function without these serving dishes from Rose & Grey. Afterall what’s the point in creating gorgeous food if you don’t serve it in something gorgeous?

I’ll keep you updated with the ongoings of the dining room development. I think it will be something we complete towards the end of January. For anyone who owns a dining table, please tell me what I should look out for! Never owned one of these bad boys before, so looking forward to the investment!

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This post features an advertorial from Zurleys.