I feel like such a proper adult for buying a home telephone. It’s so so pretty!

Let’s begin with why this phone was purchased in the first place. I’ve been thinking about getting a home telephone for a while (I mean, we pay for a landline, why not actually use it!) I searched high and low and it astonished me what little choice there was out there. This is a very first world problem, but I didn’t realise most phones don’t come with an answering machine. I mean, my parent’s one came with it- I assumed it was quite common. The next thing was the price. To get a good home telephone with an answering machine costs¬†a bit. Which is fine, except when you think about it, how often will we actually use the home telephone?

As luck would have it, my perfect phone for a very reasonable price. This gorgeous retro phone was an absolute bargain! It was a panic buy as I knew this wouldn’t last long. These home telephones are so popular and with that comes the price tag. So when reduced to half price it’s worth snatching it up while you can.


champagne lifestyle interior retro home telephone

Where To Place It

I’m restricted to where I could have it placed in the apartment. There’s only one working telephone line (the other is in the spare bedroom of all places) and even though the wire is really long, there’s only so many surfaces I can have it on. I tried it on the TV unit side and it just didn’t look quite right. In the end, placed on of some of our favourite magazines, adds something extra to an otherwise blank space. Eventually, if we move- it will be put in a different. I thinking on a side table next to a reading chair for comfort when talking on the phone.

So there we have it. Officially adutlting in life. Who knows what the next wild purchase will be. Feel free to explore my other interiors post here.